Eight summer dangers for kids: how to protect yourself

When the last school bell will proclaim the end of the school year, children run on the streets, and back you couldn’t get them. Alas, the hands of the parents from this time are increasingly drawn to the medicine Cabinet. Summer games on the street entail various injuries: scratches, bruises, and even worse, writes womanway.online. What you can do to protect their children in the summer?

Buy a helmet

Accidental falls are the number one cause of child injuries. Usually, all limited to scratches and bruises, but Cycling and roller-skating children can fall and hit his head. You can reduce injuries to the head by 85 % if buy child is good, the right size helmet. Every time a child rides his bike or roller skates, insist that he use a helmet and other protection.

Inspect last year’s helmet to verify its validity. Helmets that have already participated in the falls, may have cracked and the floor, they are no longer able to ensure the highest degree of security for your child. It is better to replace the helmet with a new one.

Check technical condition of sports equipment

Helmets are the only thing that directly affects the safety of the child. All sports equipment must be in proper technical condition and of a suitable size. Children grow quickly and last year’s the bike or the rollers may be too small for your kids. You need to adjust the seat height and handlebar on the bike, make sure that the rollers are not under pressure. In addition, you need to tweak the screws and lubricate the moving parts. Make sure that the equipment has no cracks or dents.

Preventing heat stroke and dehydration

It seems so commonplace that it’s very easy to overlook. Children need to drink constantly, make sure that the child is brought to the street for a bottle of water. The head should be covered with a cap or hat light, better white. In the daytime it is better to play in the shade of the trees. Pediatricians recommend a break every 20 minutes of the game, the children drank a glass of water.

Block children’s access to chemicals and drugs

When children are left home alone, they are free to explore his apartment. Kids love to play in researchers, scientists, experimenters. Keep items of their games were not such a poisonous thing as washing powder, cleaning ovens, wax, and drugs.

All hazardous substances it is recommended to keep in a certain place, closed to the key that will be kept from you. Do not allow children to play with these substances. Explain their potential danger. Provide children with safe products for their experiments and games.

Don’t let children eyes water

Aged 1 to 14 years, drowning is the second cause of child mortality. This should make you think. First, your duty as a parent to teach a child to swim. This is a minimum guarantee that the child can stay on the water for some time, while it has not help arrives. Second, even if the child swims perfectly, you or the caregiver should be close to each other and to keep your child in sight. Third, do not allow your child to swim in inappropriate places: on our beaches, in unknown waters, with buoys to the beach. Guide a conversation with their children, explain how and why to behave on the water and in the water.

Keep first aid kit nearby

Pre-form summer first-aid kit, and keep it within easy reach. Consult your pediatrician what must be in a child’s kit because the regular driver’s license first aid kits, which are sold in assembled form, may not be entirely suitable for children. If your child has a particular disease, make sure that the Cabinet is a set of tools to help the kid in his precarious situation.

If you have a summer first aid kit from last year, don’t forget to update it: check the expiration date of drugs, replenish depleted stocks. Do not throw away the instructions to drugs, they must be stored in the medicine Cabinet.

Beware of insects

Insects now bring more inconvenience than before. This is due to the various mutations of viruses carried by insects. Now a simple mosquito bite can cause severe swelling and an allergic reaction, not to mention the bites of wasps, midges, ticks. The latter are particularly dangerous because they are carriers of deadly disease – encephalitis. Make sure that your child’s head covered during games in the forest and check out his clothes, body and the scalp, to avoid the possibility of a tick bite. Serious attention also require the stings of spiders and of various caterpillars, mucus which also can be poisonous.

You can use repellents to repel insects, but do not overdo it. Watch what concentration the product you have chosen. Repellents are 10% and 30%, the lower concentration also works well, only a little amount of time. 10% repellent repels insects for up to 2 hours, and 30% can run up to 5 hours. Do not use the spray too often, remember to protect baby from insects you are using poisons. If the baby have allergies, try natural products, which I do not like insects – is lemon, lavender, eucalyptus, cloves.

Protection against sunburn

From 10 am to 16.00 the sun is particularly active, children at risk of sunburn, especially in the first days of summer. Dress your child correctly: hat, natural cotton fabric, which covers most of the body, protects from excessive sun, but do not forget about sunscreens. Use a special cream for children with SPF of 15 or higher every 2 hours.