Why are some people always cold hands and feet

Some people even in warm weather, cold hands and feet. Of course, you can silently wrap up in a wool jacket and pulling up my socks, not trying to understand the causes of this phenomenon. But the constant sensation of cold cannot be called the norm – it can be a sign of health problems. To get rid of the discomfort, you first need to figure out the cause, writes likar.info.

The wrong food makes us constantly freeze

The lack of fat, vitamin A and vitamin E in the diet can cause a sensation of cold in any time of the year. Improper diet disrupts the biochemical processes in the liver, which is one of the key player in the heat of blood.

Very often cold hands and feet in people who eat too little. The body simply nowhere to take energy if it did not provide a sufficient amount of calories.

Insufficient level of hemoglobin

Low level of hemoglobin in the blood causes iron-deficiency anemia. Iron-deficiency anemia, the blood delivers oxygen to the internal organs with a delay. Vessels dilate to improve oxygen supply to organs. As a result of increased heat transfer. The body loses too much heat and a sensation of cold.

Other signs of low hemoglobin include pale skin and mucous membranes, lacosta nails, dull hair, or fainting. Although in the early stages of change in health can be almost invisible. If you are cold, check the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

Disease of the thyroid gland

One of the common causes a constant feeling of cold is hypothyroidism. In this disease the thyroid hormones are produced in insufficient quantities. While slipping the mechanisms responsible for maintaining a constant normal body temperature, slow metabolism. As a result, a person’s cold hands and feet.

If you notice that you have become lethargic, unreasonable gain weight, appeared swelling of the face, the skin is too dry, and there is a constant feeling of cold, consult a doctor-endocrinologist. Perhaps the reason for this condition is a disease of the thyroid gland.

Vascular disorders

The reason that the freezing feet and hands, is often a violation of the peripheral capillary circulation. The desired amount of heat does not reach the extremities. Especially those people suffer with dystonia. Anxiety, stress, lack of exercise aggravate the situation.

Constant feeling of coldness – the companion of people with hypotension, reduced blood pressure. Due to the sluggish tone of the vessels decreases the blood flow.

Vascular disorders usually develop with age. Therefore, older people often complain that they have cold hands and feet even in summer.

Feeling cold in people who are overweight is also associated with vascular disorders. Body fat, as dense compressor, compress the blood vessels. Blood flow is narrowed and can not provide the internal organs with oxygen. The attempt of the vascular system to compensate for this leads to the fact that the heat goes not to destination.

More rare vascular disorder that makes us constantly freeze, – Raynaud’s disease. It is disruption of arterial blood supply to the extremities. The slightest emotional stress, exposure to extremely low or high temperatures causes vascular spasm, in violation of thermoregulation.


One of the complications of diabetes is poor circulation. The result is a feeling of coldness in the extremities, especially feet get cold. Besides, it may decrease the sensitivity in the legs.

What to do if you are constantly cold

If you are familiar with the constant sensation of cold, don’t be afraid to consult a doctor and take necessary tests. This will save you from discomfort and help to avoid developing more dangerous conditions.

To improve thermoregulation:

– exercise until you warm up;

– take a contrast shower;

– drink hot tea;

– abstain from strong coffee and alcohol;

– drink two liters of pure water daily – it helps to improve blood flow.