The main reasons for quitting cigarettes

We all know that Smoking is harmful, and the effect of cigarette smoke and nicotine on the body is very negative, but there is also the issue of dependence on Smoking — first psychological, then physiological. Specialists years looking for methods to combat this habit, writes

Appeared Smoking a long time ago: more old frescoes in Hindu temples depicting saints who smoked the smoke of aromatic plants with special tubes. Such pipes were found during archaeological excavations in Egypt. In one of his writings, Herodotus noted that the Scythians have a bad habit of inhaling the smoke of burned plants. The same can be read in ancient Chinese literature.

Smoke inhalation of psychoactive plants, for example, the peoples of Eurasia were used for conducting rituals. But widespread Smoking among the bulk of the people at that time were not. The first mention of tobacco was found in Central America over a Millennium before our era.

Doctors used tobacco as a painkiller. Tobacco also needed for conducting religious rituals with smoke inhalation. Native Americans believed, for example, that when a person inhales tobacco, his soul communicates with spirits. In South America it was popular cigars from whole leaf tobacco.

When the natives gave Columbus tobacco leaves, he just threw them out, not appreciating the gift. However, at the end of the sixteenth century Smoking became a popular habit, and began the first fight with him. In Russia in the VII century during the reign of smokers were punished with sticks. Humanity began to understand that tobacco causes great harm to the health and psyche. What are the reasons you can call today to quit Smoking?

1) One bundle of cigarettes smoked per day, according to the degree of harmful effects on the body is equivalent to the radiation of 500 x-rays per year.

2) Smokers suffer from cancer, coronary heart disease and chronic obstructive bronchitis three times more often than nonsmokers.

3) Nicotine can have damaging effects on the brain, the liver, and gonads.

4) the heart rate is higher in smoker than non-smoker, so his heart will wear out faster.

5) tobacco tar contains carcinogenic in very high concentrations. Scientists conducted an experiment: put the tobacco tar rabbit ear for some time, after which the animal appeared the tumor.

6) Cough, unpleasant taste in the mouth, vomiting or nausea, dizziness for those who are beginning to smoke — not the most pleasant symptoms.

7) after a few years of habitual Smoking appears morning cough with phlegm, hoarseness, yellow teeth, and after thirty years of age, the skin begins to become loose, the person looks older than their peers.

8) Smoking is harmful both to the smoker and people around, especially dangerous for children, can cause they have asthma.

9) women who smoke often climax occurs ahead of time.

10) cigarette Smoke reduces the amount of good cholesterol that protects against cardiovascular disease.

11) Many cases of impotence in men associated with dangers of Smoking or its consequences.

12) When Smoking in day a pack of cigarettes, a person breathes air that is polluted to 1,000 times more than allowed by health standards.