Jews-Nazis in Ukraine

When we look at Eastern Europe in our days, we see that nostalgia for the ultra-right and authoritarian style of government in Russia, and the Ukraine. Neo-Nazis don’t support the patriots, and global financial circles that the Anglo-Saxon liberals, the Israeli lobby. In the ranks of neo-Nazis many Jews.

Liberal origin

In the history of these far right-wing movements like fascism, Nazism, have always created, maintained and developed capitalist powers, the bankers, freethinker and liberal businessmen, Western artists and intellectuals. In Turkey and Nazi mimicry 1940-ies, and the ultra-right movement of the 1960-ies was a fun Western forces. Ruzi Nazar (Ruzi Nazar), who is considered the Creator of these projects in Turkey, was an open agent of the CIA.

Moral poverty

Ukraine, the current nest of neo-Nazis, was brought to such a state in the orange revolution, held with the support of the USA and Soros. Do not assume that the demoralization in Ukraine, the spread of “white” slave trade contrary to the development of far-right movements. Contrary to popular perception, the far right feeds is not conservatism, and moral decay. Cabaret, storm troopers of the SA (Strum Abteilung), which was widespread sexual perversion, all manifestations of moral poverty — this is the moment when Hitler came to power. More precisely, the Anglo-Saxons brought him to power for the war with Russia.

Three parties

In Ukraine there are three far-right groups that are now in the process of unification. When this process is complete, the real threat will become more clear. One of those organizations — the party called “Freedom”. The second group of “national building”, which arose not so long ago and reportedly has thousands of supporters. Third — “Right sector” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), which is a military and political organization. These fascist education, the leaders of which was found last March, signed a joint document and have begun work to integrate.

Attacks become more frequent, a RAID on the Parliament, attack on the Lebanese restaurant in Kiev, the kidnapping of businessmen-Muslims, including Turks, is their handiwork.

Made the closure of the Bank

One of the goals of Ukrainian fascists was a Bank with Russian capital “Sberbank”. Activists who organized rallies near the buildings of its branches, has urged the government to close Russian Bank and ultimately succeeded. “National body” adheres to such a radical line that calls the anti-Russian Ukrainian government “a puppet of the Russian oligarchy”.

In winter, far-right activists in Ukraine staged a blockade of the train tracks that go to the Eastern parts of the country under the control of Pro-Russian separatists. The result of these actions, begun under the slogan “No trading in blood”, the government has decided to impose an embargo against Donbass price of involving the economy in crisis. Let me remind you that all these subversive actions supported by the Western countries and especially the Soros Foundation, in particular open society, a branch of which located in Turkey.

The threat of war

The program, outlined in the joint Manifesto, which was signed by the fascist front, looks very interesting. It is planned to establish a Baltic-Ukrainian Union and thus to create a state which is against Russia and against the European Union; Ukraine has again become a nuclear power. Plans to work with the right block of the Visegrad group (Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia), which occurs among EU countries. All weapons will be distributed. All relations with Russia will be severed. Obviously, the US Israeli lobby will fill this project with dollars. He is similar to Hitler in 1933.

The Jews are the Nazis

Speaking about the program of Hitler, we must not forget that many members of the “Right sector”, one of those right-wing organizations, Jews, and money to this organization come from Israel. On the other hand, the leader of the “National corpus” Andrey Biletsky — outright neo-Nazi, and judging by the fact that all this is very well understood, the antagonism of the “Jew — Nazi”, which is created in the world media, must be realistic.

In the period when it was most intense battles with Russia, many of the members of the “National body” was part of the battalion “Azov”. Flags and symbols of the military forces, whose ranks were dominated by Jews, reminiscent of famous emblems of Nazi forces of the SS “Das Reich”. Now in some parts of Ukraine, these Jews-the Nazis replace the police force, open up the camp for military training of young people.


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The textbooks in which Hitler is a friend

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, rewrite the history books; not the glamorized resistance to Hitler during the Second world war, and the struggle with the Russians. The spirit of Nazi anti-Semitism gave way to Russophobia and Islamophobia. The main financial backers of these events — funds Soros and Israel. In addition, the sponsors battalion “Azov”, are billionaires like Sergey Taruta and Igor Kolomoisky, Jewish. It is reported that the Ministry of the interior of these circles particularly strong.

Tell stories

Sadly, while before us a vivid example of Ukraine, people still continue to believe in fairy tales about Hitler and Stalin, who talk under the influence of a Hollywood movie. The problems in the world create not bad people, and the capitalist system. Moreover, Churchill and Roosevelt, who ruled the world from behind the scenes, at least not better than his contemporary Hitler.


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Lobby everywhere

To say that in our days a place of hostility towards Jews took Islamophobia, right, but added to something else. The modern hostility to Islam is not only the racism and xenophobia of Western people. In the anti-Islamic campaigns all over the world, we see the Israeli lobby, and if they do not change their position then ultimately, anti-Semitism also comes to life.