In the Russian Pacific fleet over the last 20 years has not built a single ship Moscow could buy Chinese goods

The Russian Navy still ranks second in the world, due to the fact that it has large number of nuclear submarines. In fact, it should take the place of China as the scale of Chinese naval forces are not inferior to Russian, but the quality is higher. The Russian Pacific fleet in size is second only to the Northern fleet. In a period of prosperity, the number reached 13 thousand people, and number of different military courts was about 700. At the moment, in addition to submarines, large and medium-sized warships is not much, one of them the missile cruiser “Varyag”, a destroyer and four “Fearless” anti-submarine ship.

It is impossible not to notice the sharp contrast between the Soviet and the new Russian Navy. Over the last 20 years the Pacific fleet has not added a single ship. Instead of having to wait until the shipyard will build a ship for Russia would be to purchase cruisers from China, especially with fast delivery. This question is not discussed again in the country, but, unfortunately, Russia can not yet decide.

To date, the Russian Pacific fleet can only rely on a military ship. We are talking about the missile cruiser “Varyag”, which bears the name of another famous cruiser of the Russian Empire “Varyag”. The missile cruiser is the third ship of the project “Atlant”, which was commissioned in October 1989.

Not long ago, the missile cruiser Varyag visited Hong Kong. The ship caught the attention of local residents. Huge numbers of Hong Kongers wanted to explore the ship from the inside. Though for some time the cruiser turned into a Museum, it still remains a military ship carrying military service more than 30 years.

However, few people know that the main characteristics of cruiser deserve special attention and are still impressive: a total length of 186 meters, width of 21.5, a displacement 11280 tons. The cruiser has installed a gas turbine unit, the total capacity is 13 thousand horsepower, maximum speed of 32.5 knots and the cruising range is 7.5 thousand nautical miles.

Russia plans to equip the ship electronic equipment to make the add on the front of the height of five floors. In the bow of the ship in order to install military weapons, set 8 launchers ASM “Balzat” 2 on each side.

Antiship missile “Balzat,” especially attracts people’s attention. In Russia RCC “Balzat” — P-500, NATO SS-N-12. This is the first cruise missile of sea basing with the supersonic speed of flight, which is designed to combat powerful naval group. RCC “Balzat” designed to strike back at the American carriers. RCC mass is 4800 kg, the vessel is equipped with a thousand warheads, the wingspan is 2.5 meters, maximum range of 750 kilometers.

On Board, there are eight ammo SAN-6 class “ship-the air”, which are located in the missile vertical launchers. The cruiser is around 64 rockets SAN-6. On Board the cruiser include anti-aircraft missile system s-300 with strong firepower.

On both sides of the stern located anti-aircraft missile systems “OSA-M” (called in accordance with the NATO codification – SAN-4 “Gecko”). In total, the Board has two missile launchers “Wasp”, which is equipped with a complement of 40 missiles. In addition, the cruiser is equipped with six gun mounts AK-630 (caliber 30 mm) and electronic warfare.

They say that such large warships should not be responsible for antisubmarine operations, but the cruiser is equipped with search equipment and anti-submarine helicopters and anti-submarine weapons in large numbers, petitionee two 533-mm torpedo tubes, anti-submarine weapons RBU-6000.

The overall combat readiness of the cruiser is very high. “Varyag” refers to missile cruisers anti-ship combat capability of the first class. If the carrier notices him on his way, then immediately turns around and flies in the opposite direction, as the air system of the cruiser is very powerful, and to combat submarines. The world-famous American missile cruisers “Ticonderoga” it looks very powerful, but really inferior to the Russian. However, Russia currently can’t build a missile cruiser, and in the near future is unlikely.