Islamic state beaten — but not defeated

Iraqi soldiers climbed the famous minaret of the mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul. They tore down the black flag of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (organization banned in Russia — approx. transl.) and raised the Iraqi flag: red, white, and black. “Allahu Akbar” written on it in green. God is great.

In the Holy month of Ramadan, the vast majority of Iraqis would consider this scene a gift from God, whether Sunnis or Shias, Christians or Kurds. Just as the famous photograph of red army soldiers raising the Soviet flag over the Reichstag in Berlin in 1945. This event could be a harbinger of liberation and a symbol of the end of terrorist Caliphate, at least as a supposedly existing state enterprises in Iraq.

The appearance of such photos ISIS wanted to prevent when they blew up the mosque, built over 800 years ago. Intolerable barbarism. With her platform almost three years ago Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed a Caliphate. IG is better than any terrorist group knows about the impact of photographs on their use for propaganda and manipulating people. The destruction of the mosque is a signal to ISIS: the world in Iraq, the jihadists will fight to the death and destroy all that has value and importance.

The terrorist group lost its territory, but not the force

Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul was a city landmark, which is like nothing else in Iraq, symbolized the coexistence of religions and ethnic groups, fruitfulness, and riches, which culture can only be achieved by sharing.

ISIS seeks to destroy any life that does not obey him disguised as a religion, the totalitarian ideology. This is experienced by Christians between Mosul and Erbil. There IG looted the village, destroyed the Church towers. They divide people into true believers and unbelievers, and wrote it on the flags — “to eliminate the” grey area of coexistence. They seek to divide society and plunge it into civil war: Sunnis against Shiites, Muslims against the West.

The collapse of the Caliphate as protogosudarstva doesn’t mean this strategy no longer works. It received a new impulse, when Shiite militias and even government forces are arbitrarily tortured and killed people. And when the mercenaries in Syria, trained and paid for by Iran, devastated whole regions, assuming that the revenge for the defeat of Imam Ali in the battle of Karbala in the year 680.

If that fails to reconcile Iraq and Syria, ISIS, which has more than 15,000 soldiers will survive in the deserts of both countries. Once al-Qaeda (organization banned in Russia — approx. transl.) Iraq was also believed to be defeated militarily. It has grown, thanks to the lie justified the US invasion and the striking incompetence of the occupation regime.

“Islamic state” prepared

After the US withdrawal, the government of Nouri al-Maliki, which is dominated by Shiites, mistreated Sunnis, who dominated Iraq until the fall of the dictator Saddam Hussein. They were provoked to revolt. The IG has used it to capture a large part of Iraq and Syria. “Islamic state” preparing for the predicted defeat of their “Caliphate” ideologically and pragmatically.

They are looking for new territory to implement its strategy and find them in the Philippines, perhaps in the near future — in Libya, in the unstable regions of the Sahel, in the horn of Africa, in Central Asia. In the West, in Europe, the United States. It’s mostly not coming home, soldiers, military training and hardened, which now carry out there attack. Many of them are dead or will be killed in the coming days. Increasingly, over several months, intelligence agencies have watched as ISIS has intensified its attempts to recruit the terrorists in the West, including in Germany.

They are looking for unstable people that are not in the focus of security agencies, including women and children. Virtual Caliphate still attracted to their simple answers. Only the IG never asked their followers to join the fight for the Caliphate. Much more valuable now become the attack of the crusaders on their home.

It does not require combat experience, training or a long process of radicalization is only rented a car, knife, the stolen truck. When then the man who hates Muslims, crashed into a crowd of people in front of the mosque, the IG is getting a step closer to an apocalyptic battle between believers and non-believers, through which he wants to provoke the end of the world — even if a terrorist Caliphate will soon sink into oblivion.