How to increase productivity at work and achieve success: TOP 6 simple ways

Monday is a hard day. However, it can be said of any other day of the week, if your productivity is zero.

Inadequate sleep, bad weather, family issues, traffic jams and work can unsettle anyone and just destroy the desire to do anything. But to work, you need to follow the plans necessary to close tasks — a Holy cause.

Scientists claim that this can be achieved only with a properly organized workspace. Under the conditions of performance to increase by at least 20%. offers a TOP-6 simple ways to increase your productivity and achieve success at work:

1. Turn on the fluorescent lamp

If you work in a room with large Windows, and the room ample light, you’re a lucky man. Because natural lighting is the best option for being productive. If such a luxury is not available to you, install at your table special LED lamp, its illumination is as close to natural.

Besides, high temperature lighting banishes fatigue, increases concentration and productivity by 37%.

2. Put on the table the plant

It turns out, flowers, ficus and palm trees in the office increase employee productivity by as much as 15%. In addition, the cactus on the table can magically increase the concentration and the involvement of employees in what they do.

However, researchers are unable to say exactly why this is so. The explanation, according to them, it may be easier than we think: plants make people happier, and happy people bring the begun business to end.

3. Set a comfortable temperature

The value of a comfortable temperature for each individual may vary. But it has been proven that productivity grows at a temperature from 20 to 22 °C and at rates of 23 to 24 °C — reduced. It turns out, the optimal temperature for the majority of us will be 21 °C. But be careful not to catch a cold from the air conditioner in the office.

By the way, you will probably work better in the cold season, because if the temperature rises to 30 degrees, productivity drops by 10%.

4. Experiment with sound

In General, music has a positive impact on performance. Especially melodies without words, classical or lounge. According to research, 88% of employees when listening to music performed the task more precisely, and 58% of subjects to increase the productivity helped pop music.

But it all depends on the task. For example, things that require concentration and attention, writing letters or articles, working with numbers — is better performed in silence. Experiment with different music, pick up impressed you with the genre, adjust the volume — it will help to be more productive throughout the day.

5. Breathe clean air

High concentrations of carbon dioxide, chemicals in the air, the dustiness of the room and the lack of oxygen can reduce our productivity up to 9% and increase dissatisfaction with work in General.

To solve the problem is not very difficult. Often open the window, ask the employer to set office powerful cleaners and humidifiers, recuperators, do not be amiss to provide good ventilation.

6. Change

Have you ever worked from home? Noticed that you managed to do more than usual? The reason of high productivity can be simple: you were not tied to one place, to move freely around the house — from the desktop to the couch, from the couch to the kitchen, thereby giving the freedom of body and mind. Use this lifehack and at work.

If your office is not prohibited free Seating, try to take on every new task in a new place: the meeting room, in the kitchen, in the next section.