To crack adroit diplomacy Putin

Day in and day widely discussed any actions of the President of the trump. Nevertheless virtually no of messages about another member of the Russian scandal — President Putin. Does he think that now the situation is unfavorable to him, and is quiet? No, it is not so pliable. I’m sure Putin counterattacks. Stand on the site of the Kremlin and try to analyze the intentions and tactics of the Russian leader.

“A big fee for the election of the American President”

Immediately after the inauguration of the trump was faced with the scandal around the Russian suspicions. I have no doubt that President Putin is surprised, disappointed and angered by this unpredictable development of the situation. The fact that for the Kremlin the U.S. presidential election in November last year, was what you could only dream of.

First, Hillary Clinton was extremely undesirable candidate for Russia. It was the classic Democrat, criticizing the fact that democracy in Russia is not observed fully.


© AP Photo, Lynne SladkyЧеловек in the mask Hillary Clinton at a rally in support of a candidate for US President Donald trump

When Clinton held the position of Secretary of state, in Russia it was considered the instigator and mastermind of the “color revolutions”. The Kremlin could raise the toast if only for the fact that this person lost the election. Winning in the presidential race, trump was the perfect man for Russia.

During the election campaign, a candidate trump proclaimed principles and policies, which was very convenient for Russia. In the beginning, trump said that the main enemy is “Islamic state” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) and that he will cooperate with Russia to defeat her. For this he was ready to ease anti-Russian sanctions. Trump stressed that NATO is a useless organization that is a relic of the past. Compared to Obama, Putin is a much more capable political leader… And so on and so forth.

In this sense, the Kremlin has killed two birds with one stone. However, for it had to pay a high price.

Russia dealt cyberwar the servers at headquarters Clinton, thereby intervening in the American elections. In addition, part of trump’s entourage even before the victory of the conservative candidate were provided to the Russian side information and made incorrect promises.


© AP Photo, Alan DiazАкция protest against Donald trump in Miami

Because of these suspicions Pro-Russian members left the party, and those who take a tough stance against Russia, to pursue them.

“We’re not in a hurry”

After the objectives have been achieved, the situation turned out quite differently. At such moments, usually do not resist and are quiet. First, President Putin responded this way. The fact that the diplomatic course trump was in line with the wishes of Russia. Why is this so?

The new US President, trump proclaimed the principle of “US above all”. He is a merchant, which strictly observes its benefits. Under the administration of the President of the United States will be less affected to play the role of world policeman. Indeed, trump has refused to participate in the TRANS-Pacific partnership and withdrew from the Paris agreement, which is an international framework designed to combat global warming.

In addition, he expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that some NATO members do not fulfill the agreement on defense costs, which should be more than 2% of GDP. As a result, the unit had a disagreement.

The impression that Putin is observing such actions trump, faced the situation with optimism: Russia makes no sense to fuss. In an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro, Putin has even talked about the fact that Russia has taken a wait: “We’re not in a hurry. We are willing to wait. Despite this, I hope and wish that someday the Russian-American relations have improved.”


“To exploit the enemy’s weaknesses to the max”

Russia keeps quiet, taking a wait and see attitude, but this does not mean that she sits idly by. As soon as the enemy shows its weaknesses, Putin immediately attacks. In 1920 Lenin said: “in Order to defeat a powerful enemy, it is important to use even a little of his weakness.”

Putin took the parting words of Lenin as a diligent student.

For example, between Vladivostok and Nason was created by a regular ferry “Manganon”. These actions completely ignore the sanctions the Japanese government, which banned the ferry “Marenbon-92” calling at ports in Japan. But there are more important aspects.


© RIA Novosti, Vitalii ANEC | go to photobacteria new ferry line Vladivostok-Japan-Korea arrived in Primorye

In recent years, relations between North Korea launching ballistic missiles, and China have escalated a little bit.

Moscow immediately took advantage of this small crack in the relations between China and the DPRK in an attempt to get closer to Pyongyang.

Given the above clarifies one of the features of Putin’s style in the international arena: in diplomacy, Putin has no clear rules and directions. He closely followed the changes in the international situation and is trying to expand its influence, taking advantage of different weaknesses.

Its behavior can be compared to an amoeba constantly changing its shape: use any chance and any favorable circumstances.