The Kremlin, unfortunately, not Satan

Recently, another product of producer-Director Oliver stone machine, awarded with Oscars and many other awards — and one of the most controversial authors in the USA attracted world attention. Talking about the interview that stone has Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has for many years been in the eyes of American politicians, the media and the public “barbarian number one”. Even before it became aware of the broadcast and even the beginning of the filming, the very idea of the film responded ambiguously: some wholeheartedly support, others passionately and hysterically protested. “Interview with Putin” (so officially is called exclusive record of the conversation the Russian leader’s stone) was released in the form of a 4-part series, a joint production of stone and Showtime.

This American cable channel stone already collaborated while working on such a controversial 10-part documentary film in which in typically uncompromising and provocative manner expressed about American history since the Second world war up to the present day. The film was called “the Untold history of the United States”. Anyone at least superficially familiar with the assertive working style stone with historical data, with its overwhelming desire to shed light on the truth and it is extremely confusing conclusions, can easily get an idea about how this tape has angered large sections of the public, and even more — the creators and supporters of the official story. It is not surprising that this documentary series, which the Director worked for five years, was soon relegated to the third plan and, most importantly, remained inaccessible to the audience. The same style and the even more provocative topics that are sure to evoke strong resentment among the majority of Americans formed the basis of the idea of a new film. Today this idea is embodied in the form of a 4-part interview “about everything and everyone directly and without any taboo subjects”, which stone took from Putin.

Mutual cunning calculation of the interlocutors

The film “Interview with Putin” was filmed over one and a half years. Stone spent four separate “session discussions” with the Russian leader on Russian soil: in the hometown of Putin, on a plane, in offices and in all those places where there is Putin. Stone took more than 20 hours of interviews, which are then compiled in four series. Probably, the stone has received from Putin agreed to all these interviews in the first place, thanks to their past works. In them the American Director has already proven that is an implacable critic and the new history of their country, and the corporate world in General is a product of the United States, and the many leaders, who incorrectly ruled his country. Also, the Director is the intransigence mostly on other sensitive issues that he raised in his feature and documentary films.

On the other hand, “Interview with Putin” is the result of mutual a very clever calculation of the two famous companions. Putin has decided to “open soul” the kind American, knowing that he will present it to the world very appropriate “ambiguous way”. Stone, in turn, was sure that whatever took it a documentary, given the exclusivity of the topic and the interlocutor it is not for nothing. It was clear from many interviews that the stone gave to the us media before the filming of the mini-series “Interview with Putin”. The film was attacked from all types of weapons, throwing the most dangerous “ammunition” and a couple of times during a talk show on Pro-American TV channels he even set a trap and caught a pre-prepared audience that’s been taught to curse and stone to provoke it.

The most sorry look similar trick at the “famous” talk show Stephen Colbert, from which we take the example of his worthless Serbian clones leading the same “famous” franchise talk show. However, the stone came out the winner — quietly and with obvious pleasure from the fact that once again appeared in the center of the controversy, which he himself initiated. And he remained confident in the fact that you have chosen the best and currently the most significant in the history of the world political interlocutor. To Putin stone three times filmed interview with Castro, and produced a very interesting documentary (from the standpoint of a close friend) about Hugo Chavez. In addition, as a Director or producer stone had to deal with almost all key figures in American and world politics, culture and society. By the way, to Putin stone spoke again while working on a film about Snowden, who found a safe haven in Russia under the protection of her President. Given all this, it is clear why Putin agreed on many hours of conversation with stone. Of course, this sincerity is controversial, very relative and is a well read between the lines — at some points it politically correctly processed in a manner typical of Putin. And yet, these conversations are much closer to the truth than any aggressive speech in the spirit of the anti-Putin hysteria that always dominates in the higher echelons of American power.

The film raises the theme of confrontation between the Russian leader and well-organized “resistance movement”, has gained momentum not only in the US but also around the world thanks to the efforts of States and actions against Russia and its leader. In certain circles, Putin’s love of ironic and very contemptuously to name the new Russian Tsar, as well as a murderer and a dictator. In “Interview with Putin” also you can hear that he Russian king. Putin, however, never succumbed to the temptation and did not answer in the same style on the persistent attempts to hang labels on it. In front of the stone Putin managed to stay completely calm, wise and confident statesman, who is facing important global challenges and deals with them the most civilized methods. In addition, in an informal setting, along the same lines, Putin spoke about themselves, their daily life, family, interests, habits and inclinations. Stone intentionally shot it all, catching every word of his imposing interlocutor.

Thus, the Director at least tried to maintain a neutral position of documentarian and stay at a safe distance from large-scale themes. Stone was asking important and serious questions that Putin basically answered like a prudent and well-prepared politician. This “game” is raised in the memory of the days after the Watergate scandal and the famous conversation famous in his time leading the talk shows of David frost with Richard Nixon. (Ten years ago this was, incidentally, made a feature film, nominated for five Oscars.)

In the case of stone, not changed his characteristic documentary style, similar desire to get to the truth makes you forget that the film discusses current world problems. It seems like there are history lessons, which does not stop its course and eventually the basis of historical documents, thus to remain for a long time. Perhaps this is why Putin has agreed to become a sincere source of the stone and act confident “demystification” self-image and their business, which in the West is constantly portrayed in a completely different light. Because only people from the West may adjust ideas about Putin — at least in “kinoform”. By the way, and this was the main intention of the stone, when he chose Putin as his next documentary subject.

The Director himself stated in a promotional interview before the release of the series. Stone believes that Putin — a man who is very firm in his words and intentions; which concentrated on solving existing problems instead of creating new one; who wants to cooperate for the welfare of the world with all who are sincerely interested in this. But this approach do not like the American hysterical elites are taught to despise Putin and everything Russian. And he is ready to cooperate, including with America, and the viewer clearly understands this already in the first series, part of which is devoted to the biography of the Russian President. The rest of the time is given to discussion of serious political problems and dilemmas.

Putin, as promised, did not reject any theme. To any question he gives a clear answer. It is noticeable that in the current dispute with America it does not hurt how the shock “free media” slander him and provoke irresponsible and unprofessional, calling even a murderer and a liar. No, Putin just doesn’t pay attention to it. However, it is not retained and bluntly calls the main stumbling block in relations with the United States. Talking about NATO and its expansive policy.

The Alliance surrounds Russia and constantly puts her on the spot main and even the only enemy. Putin does not want to be hypocritical politician who is afraid of the truth, so it is clear, concise and absolutely Frank in a few sentences the history of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union until the present day. More precisely, he speaks of the period of his reign during which he restored Russia in all senses.

Of course, Putin mentions the role of counter-productive American foreign policy in the process of Russian democratic development. The West despises Putin as a disgusting dictator, who in his country is building a Church instead of having gay pride parades and falling on his knees before the colonial vultures American globalist neoliberalism, whose claws still managed to be avoided only in Russia. Therefore it is made an object of hatred, which is already in the first responses to the mini-series had been poured out on the stone. On him mercilessly hung all the required shortcuts — of course, democratically — and criticized for the fact that the Director decided to make the theme of his film Putin.

It is noteworthy that ordinary people who somehow managed to escape from the demagogic brainwashing by the media, watching the tape of the stone with great interest and extremely positive comment on it. An interview with Vladimir Putin highly praised everywhere, where the public found the film useful. So the film gained importance and got the opportunity to take in the future a prominent place in the history of documentary.

Really no doubt that only the future and all the political challenges that it brings and which will be the result of re-polarization of the world (as it was during the cold war and us-Russian provocations and confrontations), will provide the film proper historical and political perspective.

Putin holds the hand of the Americans

Regardless of what you think about the Russian leader and the American democratic freedom fighters from Russia and from all others who threaten their ideals and whimsical world of freedom, truth and equality, “Interview with Putin” is not to be missed, and even more so to perceive it simplistic or contempt.

The film has almost all the right answers that go to the heart of the current, and hence future political upheavals, situations and problems that we will face. Perhaps Oliver stone was not going to create as a historically significant film. But it is also possible that the stone wanted. Anyway, his band has penetrated into the core of all the current and many future problems. And if indeed humanity will suffer nuclear Holocaust, which, according to some commentators of this film, capable of provoking only Putin and his opponent in the White house, then, apparently, a series of stone will become a certain kind of legacy for future generations or for some distant civilization that will extract us from the nuclear ashes.

But stone wanted to make a small step in the opposite direction from this perspective direction, and to imagine Putin in a different light. The Director did not want to make him a terrible tyrant, which Putin presented to the American media his terrified countrymen that they most valued the freedoms that Putin has taken away from his subjects.

Only such an interpretation, and can be a significant part of the American world on both sides of power. And all of a sudden, think the Kremlin is ruled by a normal person! It’s impossible! And how to live, if it’s true? Even worse is that through the camera of stone Putin takes the Americans a hand. Sadly, the answer will rise only another wave of media lynching. She will fall more and stone, the traitor of democracy and freest nation in the history of mankind, which has decided to prove that sitting in the Kremlin is not Satan, ready at any moment to push the button and destroy America…