Scientists found that domesticated animals are dangerous to humans

Experts of the Mayo clinic contend that despite the use of Pets for health owners, finding a pet in the master bedroom at night is bad for sleep quality people, reports “Orthodox”.

Every fifth pet owner complains of the inconvenience caused by the presence of the pet in the bedroom at night. A study conducted by experts of the Mayo clinic, showed that the main source of concern is the noise generated by animals at night. However, not only other sounds, but other nuances associated with finding the animal in the room, for example, odour or hair, falling on the bed, considerably worsen the quality of nighttime sleep.

Interesting was that the subjects who slept without a partner, said that the finding of the animal next to at night allows them to sleep more comfortably and feel more comfortable. Probably such divergent opinions are associated even with the size and breeds of animals and an area for sleeping room.