On the death of the system. What will the ban 1S?

And rightly so! Well, you see, why do we need a 1C? What to take into account and plan for what is already gradually ending? Those pitiful remnants that still remained in weakening the hands of the Ukrainian small and medium business, it is possible to take into account the old and tested methods.

For example, in the accounts. Remember how they were able to use before? In every store, at the checkout, towering over ordinary people, sitting aunt. High pergidrolevaya hair, a cascade of chins, pull-down on a huge tight chest, tearing the buttons are crisp starched robe. Ah, banging, flying from side to side by iron rods black and white wooden knuckle accounts, unquestioningly obeying her chubby fingers tied with strings of gold rings and adorned with scarlet, as a sail, a manicure.

It is possible to consider on an adding machine, as did the unforgettable panikovski, calculating your share of millions Koreiko. With what delight he twisted the metal handle of the smart machine Michael Samuelevich, while his senile imagination painted “silver platter”, the giver of life’s simple treats: yogurt, geese, bath, and female affection.

Well, for those who have some money left more, and who feels drawn to innovation, it makes sense to improve the skill use a calculator. Have you ever seen, how do you think professional auditors? It’s magic, magic, Symphony. This speed and ease of the fingers, the depth of sound and precision strike would be the envy of the winners of the Tchaikovsky competition.

You see, it all worked out. Intelligent informed decision power. Replace the 1S with improvised means no problem. And theoretical basis for this to fail is easy. For example, you can easily adopt the proven mantra of Russian propaganda. What prevents our talking heads to talk about the fact that the prohibition of 1C will allow the country to develop its own industry for the development of ERP and production control systems, in the same way as the ban on the import of Parmesan for a couple of years stimulates cheese-making in the Vologda region of Russia? Amazing logic in the style of Voltaire’s Candide, who claimed that “the nose is necessary for one to be broken”.

What other obvious benefits from the wise government decisions? In the short term, of course, will benefit the fiscal authorities. Imagine how many mistakes will be made, while Ukrainian accountants to master the abacus, adding machines and calculators and reached the level of the curvy blonde, “man without a passport” or an experienced auditor. Any, even the most ambitious fiscal plans for the state are met. Squeezes all! A Deposit of any size for the head of fiscal services will no longer be a problem once and for all.

Second, who enjoys 1C? Mainly small and medium businesses. That’s fine! It this cradle of the middle class, the source of democracy and self esteem, and hit hardest. The use of SAP and Oracle as an alternative in the short and medium term — propaganda myth. No funding for implementation or the maintenance of such systems, the majority of Ukrainian companies do not. So, by hook or by crook. Plagued small businesses, hindering to live in peace, do not even hesitate.

Well, last. Who knows, maybe right now, somewhere in a small garage in the center of the presidential administration, huddled a bunch of talented officials enthusiasts, designing the new Ukrainian ERP, as at the time a group of talented engineers designed a brand car, which existed in its original form for decades and survived many generations Toyotas and Mercedes?

So, don’t panic, citizens, everything is under control. The solution, as always, balanced and thoughtful. Like the old joke about General Secretary Brezhnev, sending astronauts in an expedition to the Sun: “I Think that the Politburo of fools, do not understand anything?! So as not to burn, will fly to the Sun in the night, comrades.”

Here and fly, “slipping into darkness”, so as not to burn.