How to care for your feet every day

From a foot condition depends not only the ease and lightness of gait, the harmony of shapes, good posture, grace, but also the overall health, performance, health.

Well-groomed feet spoil gait, posture worsen, lead to rapid fatigue, and sometimes pain when walking, writes And for women legs — it is also a means of seduction. Women’s legs should always be soft, gentle, with a beautiful pedicure.

But it is not always possible to avoid trouble, even if you regularly visit pedicure salon. Calluses, corns, roughness, cracked heels can occur at all, even with regular maintenance. This occurs most often in spring and summer when we go barefoot and more susceptible to fungus.

There are certain rules for daily foot care:

Wash your feet every evening in warm water with soap, and rinse with cool, almost cold.

– In a bowl or in a bath it is desirable to place the massage pad and stand on it while washing.

– Places with thickened skin should RUB the soapy brush, scraper or a pumice stone. To make it easier to remove the thicker skin, you can massage the foot scrub.

– Wipe the skin of the legs have dry rough towel in the direction from the fingertips to the hips — it improves blood circulation.

– To use cosmetics for your feet.