The Donbass need to settle immigrants from the West

On dokupienia Donetsk and Lugansk should have Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk residents and Mukachevo.

There are several reasons.


This is a normal condition people who are more prosperous, more European and tolerant. In Lviv not beat for the Russian language, and in Donetsk are thrown in the basement for a “crooked” person, apartment or car.


The guys from Western Ukraine destroyed homes, not away business, not tortured relative, and raped the sister — they have nothing to revenge in the majority is local. For them the main culprit is Russia.

If ORDA first to have, and they will be torn battalions of the local, that they will avenge all at once.

Each “Claudia”, who voted in the referendum, each wrote a denunciation, every family whose members fought on the side of Russian occupational troops, in this situation, will have to wait for a bad story.

Therefore, the arrival of the good-natured Ukrainians, Bandera, as they call Putin’s propaganda, this is the most correct and competent approach.

The more that these guys don’t know everyone in person and address. They will act within the law. Found a man with a gun, was arrested.

For the rest of the humanitarian aid, food, field hospitals, electricity, gas, and repairs — as in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.

3. FEAR.

Bander so afraid that the first months, stupefied by propaganda, the population will be wary to approach them to solve or attack, or just blather. Will be no attempts familiarly rusalova, and the normal legal interaction with the public. However, after the early distribution of gumanitarka not at the point of care, and deliver in the villages, the ice will melt and will start trying Rasulova. But that will be another story, called Reintegration and Reconstruction destroyed by Russia of Ukrainian cities, villages and Lands.

So it will be, believe me.