What salary want to get the Ukrainians – poll

To get a decent salary. But what amount articulate in the interview, “not to overreact” and not to underestimate their level, knows not everyone.

The website rabota.ua decided to ask applicants what they are guided to payroll queries.

The results showed that 60% of respondents are working, but ready for the best suggestions. Every fifth actively seeking work, and many do not consider offers from employers.

Most of the respondents agree on increase to the current salary of 30% – at least 39% agreed with this statement. Every fifth agrees to consider offers from employers that have 50% more of its current earnings. Almost as many seekers are looking for in a new job is not a salary but a dream – and are willing to accept the same financial conditions, if they offer more interesting conditions.

However, if the work is interesting, the applicants are willing to temporarily set aside their financial interests – the job of your dreams, but with the same financial conditions prefer 30%. Interestingly, in comparison with the previous answer, twice as many were those who agreed to the lower amount, since the current job all so tired that just the new needed urgent.

The main secret to employers that the candidates are guided in the formation of the desired salary level. 38% of respondents noted that focus on the professional level, almost 30% are involved in Analytics to see jobs and resumes. Every tenth just adds a certain amount to his salary, and 14% agree their financial concerns with the cost.

Interesting fact – every tenth is ready to show flexibility right at the job interview change your salary expectations.

Steadfastness in salary issue peculiar only 14% of respondents – they do not even consider jobs that do not match their wishes. Another 38% willing to consider such a proposal, but as a fallback. Almost the same send your resume to the employer in the hope that it will be possible to discuss everything at the interview. And only 13% are ready to send your resume to the company of his dreams, to agree not so much about the salary as in the hope of a great line in the summary.

Half of respondents are willing to apply for this job without a salary, because I hope to achieve the desired wage at the interview. Another 27% are willing to do, if heard good reviews about the company. 6% of applicants don’t want to waste time on companies that don’t indicate the salary in the job, while 5% of respondents have no confidence in such “anonymous”.