The crisis in cheburek: prelude

In this country, what may not be. Whatever it is — and is not. Even the hysteria around bezveza lasted a day and faded quickly. But we do not know. The government has turned into some kind of fake, manifested only in the media space. Therefore, those who do not watch TV, do not know how there are things in Bulk. In principle, in addition to experts of TV channel “112”, one is not scratching. Gontareva remember? Valerie? Two months the National Bank has no legitimate President.

And no one not even you gonna croak. The activists did not beat in hysterics. Journalistic investigations are not conducted, the gay-yet not beat the drums of alarm. In April, Valery said that there are no more forces to suffer. It got so hot in the chair. Therefore, since may 25, please consider me a free woman. I will want go to the Maldives. Or in Puerto Rico. Help homespun Ukrainian Yaresko connect local malantsev to the United States.

Already 13 Jun. No one even discusses the nomination of the successor or the successor Gontareva. The President does not submit for consideration of the Verkhovna Rada no one at all. In the parliamentary majority are not conducted consultations on reaching agreement on a new, relatively fresh to the chair. Not even clear who is acting Valeria: one holds pressuhu, the second something there stabilizes. The law on the NBU is written: who headed the independent regulator. It approves the Parliament. What? Who cares.

A parliamentary majority either. Arithmetic addition the membership of the “popular front”, “Block Panamanian patriots” and the independent MPs invariably leads to a simple statement of fact: speaker Parubiy in its activities relies on what is not clear. There is, of course, but still have a Constitution. It says: if there is no majority, or the dissolution or create new and immediately changed Groisman. But! Parliamentary cheburechnaya work properly. Taken very important laws. For example, on ensuring the servicemen of the ATO freshly printed products.

The Ministry of defence is authorized to issue a special glossy media for the military, reflecting the aggression troops of Putin. According to Victoria syumar, “soldiers in the trenches are not able to read your daily newspaper”. I think the packaging of toilet paper would be quite enough.

Why not? The whole composition of the Central electoral Commission expired. It cannot be used under any sauce. Four years, the members of the CEC perejivayut their powers. Some go under investigation. And nothing. Even trying no one makes a rotation. What’s the point? Sit yourself and let it sit. Early elections not yet in sight. Neither the presidential nor the parliamentary. Relax.

The constitutional court was transformed in to some kind of atavism of the former criminal regime. Three years, the COP has issued no verdict, although views of the shaft. Ranging from the constitutionality of health reform and ending quotas on Ukrainian language. And silence. I understand the old dudes from the constitutional court. They just can’t consider, because most of the actions of the government inconsistent with the Constitution. There is, for example, says that every citizen has the right to free medical care, freedom of speech, religion, decent conditions of existence. If the COP will take at least one decision under the current (!) The basic law, then the very next day it will carry the indignant Patriotic public.

Take the government, that brought the nation to a new economic level, offering fantastic prospects, if you know what to use. The Minister of information policy Yuri Stec no. Fallen victim to a special operation of the Kremlin. Wrote a letter of resignation and… Correctly. No one is scratching. Minister of agriculture and food Kutova no. Wrote a letter of resignation and… Then you can not continue. The Minister of fuel and energy Igor Nasalik physically either. Groisman forestalled his desire to slip away, calling on the resignation Natalika “untrue”. And he did it almost immediately after Igorek just grabbed him appropriate claim. You know, the bodybuilder is actually very timid. He realized that he will have to answer for the collapse of the energy and cheerfully made the legs. Now he is pumping himself deltoid, staying in vacation until the end of August. Finance Minister Alexander Danyluk all a funny story: it started to be planted. Adult. For corruption. He wrote the application. He said: you, Sasha, do not hurry, take the paper back, and then planted. It’s a stupid situation, don’t you think?

Three years in Ukraine there is no legitimate Minister of health. Because there is reform. First, Georgians Alexander Kvitashvili reformed, but I got bored and ran away to the States, and not waiting for its approval in the Parliament. Came more emaciated in the face Suprun, brought abroad, foreign intermediaries approximately 16 billion (procurement of drugs). Vinnitsa Director of the market (Groisman) publicly vowed that her candidacy will be approved. Yeah. Even made it. And madrepora had stopped, and now the woman is death grappled with the beautician petitioner, accusing it of blocking “vital initiatives.” The loony bin, honestly. Do you know who replaced convicted Nasirov at the State fiscal service? Understand: nobody is interested. Just goes reform. No one, because people began to suspect something. I think they began to slowly fade.

Go ahead. The Ombudsman has no. In fact, it ombudsvumen — authorized BP on human rights Ms. Lutkovska. Her term of office expired, and promised to elect a replacement on 6 June, but the parliamentary majority no, Gontareva no, danyluk came down with a high pressure, and all the others left to prepare for bizwise. Even the head of procedural Committee of the Verkhovna Rada from the start of authority of this part no. Is Pavel Pynzenyk, who was the first Deputy and as it takes. The Polish Prodigy-rocker-stripper of Balcona engaged in the reform of the railway, expired contract. Someone will have to renew it? No?

From the remnants of the state through their “layers” are separated redundant organs — the constitutional court, national Bank, Parliament, finally turned into the aggressive čeburečnye with approximately the same composition, the Ministers… I’m the only one seeing this?