Ukrainians count grants: what you need to know about the new rules, how will the growth of the minimal salary and who risks to remain without the discount

In Ukraine, the continuing allocation of subsidies for non-heating period. Local bodies of social protection do not manage to assign the discount, so many Ukrainians, noted in the Ministry, receive bills without subsidies. All who are laid off, promise to appoint a subsidy retroactively. The website “Today” figured out how the discount will affect raising the minimum wage this year, who would lose a subsidy and what other surprises await in 2017.

How much to pay for communal with two minimum wages

During the heating season, the Ukrainians got discounts, which are calculated based on income for 2015. For example, a family of three with two minimum wages paid for communal with subsidy not more than 267 USD. The recalculation of the grant will be considered income from April last year to March this year. Considering that in the beginning of this year, the minimum wage has doubled, family with two minimum wages in the summer will have to pay for communal not more than 375 hryvnia. If these funds will be enough to pay social norms and utility services during the heating season, the subsidy the family is not allowed.

“If circumstances in the family have not changed, if not appeared for last year unemployed among family members, if the number of the registered person in the apartment has not changed, if you did not purchase for the sum from 50 thousand hryvnias – allocation will make the social security authorities themselves”, – said the “Today” on the hotline of the government. If the material situation in the family has changed, subsidiarity should notify the social security authorities.

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As noted in the Ministry of social policy, if in the payment for utilities may not take into account the subsidy, not to worry. “Most likely, the local management of social protection of the population due to the large number of subsidianes not have time to process information – revenue for the new period, the composition of the registered persons, the list of housing and communal services and tariffs,” – say the officials.

What will change

Revised standards in may. The new standard – 5 cubic meters of gas for heating per square meter (5.5 cubic meters). Last winter, the subsidy covers 330 cubic meters heating the apartment with an area of 60 square meters, in the next heating season “utilities discount” will charge only 300 cubic meters. If we continue to burn 330 cubic meters, 30 cubic meters have to pay without subsidies. According to the current rate is still 204 hryvnia.

In the apartment of the same area with Central heating grant will cover instead of 3.28 is only 2.5 Gcal of heat. If you do not reduce consumption, 0,7 Gcal will have to pay without subsidies. In Kiev, this amount of heat will cost about 1411 USD.

The money saved will be returned to the state budget. Overpayment for water, gas and electricity (if they are not used for heating) is transferred to the next month, but the lion’s share of the overpayment for the heating simply write off. According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, before the first of September subsidianes who are saved, will pay a sum equivalent to 100 cubic meters of gas and 150 kWh of light (if the house is heated with electricity).

For example, if the family put 385 cubic meters of gas for heating, burned 300 cubic meters of gas during the heating season you can save blue fuel for about 4,000 hryvnia. 690 hryvnias will give them, and the rest will return to the state budget. For Ukrainians with electric boiler and a large overpayment relies monetization 150 kWh of electricity. At the current rate it’s only 174 of the hryvnia.

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The duration of the heating season reduced. The Ukrainians, who use the Central heating, will receive subsidies for heat after the decision of local authorities about the start of the heating season. But those who self-heats a house or apartment, the heating season reduced to one month. If earlier the subsidy was accrued from October 1 to April 30, this year discount will accrue from October 15 to April 15. If you start flushing early – used for heating cubic meters of gas or kWh of electricity will have to pay.

How many Ukrainians received a grant and who may lose discounts

In 2017 the subsidies will receive 9 of the 15 million Ukrainian families, according to the Ministry of social policy. They will go through a special verification of the Ministry of Finance.

To provide subsidies for three reasons:

  • Grantee hides part of the income
  • Grantee made a purchase for the sum from 50 thousand within 12 months of receipt of “discounts”
  • Income subsidence increased significantly

Since the middle of last year, if able-bodied family member not officially working, when calculating subsidies, as stated by the Deputy Minister of social policy Vitaly Muminin, will take into account his income in amount of two living wages (currently – UAH 3200). Previously unemployed family member considered income in the amount of one subsistence minimum. So, if a family of 4 working-age persons has an aggregate income of 10 thousand hryvnia, but one of the family members is not officially open, in the calculation of the grant would assume that the family earns 13.2 thousand. That is, the subsidy, the unemployed person is put at the same level as the subsidy for the Ukrainian minimum wage.