To bypass Ukraine will not work

The topic of negotiations between Russia and the United States there are three aspects. The fact that the negotiations of the big countries on the fate of a small country (in this case, I call Ukraine a small country, because she is a victim of Russian aggression and her armed forces, there is no second army in the world, like Russian Federation, to liberate its territory). So such talks in history. When one big state, in particular, the United States, on behalf of Ukraine and by agreement with Ukraine is negotiating with the country-aggressor. But I repeat: by agreement with Ukraine on behalf of Ukraine.

The second aspect of this problem lies in the fact that the Russian Federation has proposed direct talks on the fate of Ukraine, not to mention Ukraine as a political entity. This means that if the US would agree to such negotiations, the negotiations actually are not about the fate of Ukraine, but about the dream that cherishes Putin. Namely, about a new Yalta, on the new section of the world. The essence of the position of Russia, let me remind you, that it invites US to re-divide the world with the American and Russian interests. And Russian interests in this case involve the direct influence and a direct interest of Russia in all the countries of the former Soviet Union. I’m afraid to even say it, but including the Baltic countries. Although I think that Russia will give the Baltic country by the fact of their presence in the European community and NATO.

Here is the third aspect: Ukraine will never agree to such negotiations. Correct the meeting of the Executive mechanism. That is, the country about something agreed and then begin to execute the agreement.

Or, for example, if some country, the United States is involved in negotiations on behalf of Ukraine or considering its interests, its position is fully consistent with Ukraine, and after negotiations, Ukraine is obliged to fulfill what has been decided. If the decision suits her.

In this case, we see that if these negotiations once will be without the participation of Ukraine, they are just written on paper. Ukraine will not fulfill that is made against it by third countries.

So it (attempts of the American administration and the Kremlin to improve relations between the two countries — approx. ed.) is nothing more than an idea and, in my opinion, it is not feasible.