Than the Russian occupation was different from Nazi?

Through 72 years after the Second world war, we have, of course, should not raise the question of German guilt. Some Russophiles may argue that since the August occupation, too, it’s been almost 50 years. But there is a difference.

Yes, the German occupation of 15 March 1939 was for our people a lot harder than Russian, which began later. However, in fact, and in another case to us without the consent of our leadership and against the wishes of the majority of the citizens invaded by foreign forces, who have captured and killed. The fact that the Nazis killed more people doesn’t change the fact that in both cases the occupiers had committed a serious crime. Killed once is still a murderer.

However, as far as I know, in Germany, local TV documentaries that the occupation of the Czech lands in 1939 was the right step necessary to prevent the destabilization of Central Europe. On the contrary, I remember that during one trip to our very big neighbor I looked for a local television station ZDF documentary about the burning of the village of Lidice, which stated that such horrors should never be repeated.

Putin’s Russia is dangerous because trying to downplay Communist crimes, for example, closes the museums dedicated to prison.. So not surprised by the fact that the local TV channel “Russia 1” showed a “movie” that acts like a Nazi propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. According to the movie, we supposedly wanted to take over NATO, and the opposition of the “Club 231”, which supposedly consisted of convicted Nazis, the collaborators and the traitors that were preparing a coup. And we allegedly fired the gun at the Russian in Prague near the National Museum. Unfortunately, this is not true, but, I think, is really sorry then they got a little.

In any case, this is an attempt of the Kremlin Empire to nullify the created evil. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful and to remember the infamous date — 21 August 1968.