Crashed in Myanmar plane killed 15 children

Rescuers found just off the coast of Myanmar, the wreckage of a missing military transport plane.

According to the army, he was found in the area of the Andaman sea.

Also, the military noted that he had found two life jackets, three-body and part of the landing gear. The body, according to the military, belonged to a man, woman, and child.

All 122 people aboard were killed.

7 Jun military transport plane traveling from the South of Myanmar in the former capital Rangoon, was wrecked. Most of the passengers on Board were military personnel and their families, including 15 children.

The last time the plane was out of contact in the area of the Andaman sea at a height of 5500 meters. It disappeared from radar at about 9:30 a.m., half an hour after takeoff.

It is assumed that the cause of the accident could be technical failure.