In Denmark allowed to publicly burn the Koran and the Bible

Denmark abolished the blasphemy law, adopted over 300 years ago, reports The Guardian. The country will no longer chase for public insult of religious objects and symbols, including the burning of Holy books such as the Koran and the Bible.

In Kingdom Parliament explained that it saw no need to special laws to protect the faith from those or other public statements. “Religion should not dictate what is allowed and what is forbidden to say in public. It gives her a very unfair priority in society,” said proposed to abolish the law MP Bruno Jerup.

While direct threats, derogatory remarks, intimidation and other aggressive actions against people because of their religious beliefs is still punishable.

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As the newspaper notes, the country stopped the trial against the Dane, who in 2015 has published on Facebook the video with act of the burning of the Koran. He had to appear before the court next week.

Denmark was the only Scandinavian country in which there was a law on blasphemy (1683). He called for the sentence to four months in jail, but most offenders off with fines.

Over the last 80 years, the law in the Kingdom has only been used a few times: for example, in 2005 because of the cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in one of the Danish media, and in 1946 — because of the rite of baptism at the masquerade ball.