How to properly use sunscreen

It would seem that nothing could be simpler to use sunscreen – apply on the skin and all. But actually it is not so simple. In the application of protective means from the sun there are many nuances. How to use a sunscreen that not only burn, but also to improve the quality of skin, wrote

Regular use of the cream with SPF from SPF 30 or higher slows down the aging process of the skin, permanently retains its freshness, gives it elasticity. Sunscreen is necessary to the skin if it is every day exposed to sunlight, even indirectly (e.g. through a window). When it is used together with other means of skin care, it reduces the risk of skin cancer and slows the aging process.

But if you don’t know when and how to apply sunscreen, and not even the highest SPF will not be saved. Our recommendations will help you properly use such means.

Sunscreen completes daily makeover

Most experts, doctors and scientists believe that sunscreen is the “final chord” in daily skin care. This is his role, so he has a protective factor – nothing can pass through itself. If sunscreen to apply any other cosmetic preparation, it will reduce its effectiveness.

You want to first use a moisturizer and then sunscreen? Perhaps you don’t need to. The fact is that a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher that do not have a flavor, contains powerful antioxidants and other components that have the ability to restore the skin as well as moisturizer.

Scientific studies have shown that the skin better retains its properties, if in the beginning she applied a serum with antioxidants and then sunscreen. Antioxidants protect the skin from UV rays, preserving its elasticity, youthfulness and health.

Wait until completely absorbed

Applied to the skin sunscreen needs 15-30 minutes before going outside. Before dressing, make sure it is absorbed. If it is not absorbed, and you have already started to dress, then most of it will remain on the clothes, and your skin will not receive necessary protection.

Sunscreen use before going outside, and not then when you come to the beach and get situated in the recliner. On the way to the water’s ultraviolet rays have time for a good “work” on your skin and may have suffered severe damage. Scientists say that the sun’s rays harm the skin in the first minutes, when a person gets to the light of day. Please note that it is not even on sunlight and on daylight.

200 g cream for the body?

Sunscreen is recommended to apply to the skin in sufficient quantity. But what does that mean? Some experts suggest that half a teaspoon of cream and 200 grams of cream for the whole body. In fact, this is nonsensical advice. All individually.

For the application of a sufficient amount of sunscreen you need to:

– To distribute protective agent in all areas of the skin that will be exposed to sunlight;

– Gently apply the product on the skin until then, until there is no white marks;

– If you plan to be here much longer, then apply another layer of cream, more thin.

Repeat every two hours

Re-apply sunscreen on the skin every two hours. Water resistant sunscreen should be re-used for at least 80 minutes. This information should be indicated on the label.

If you apply sunscreen in the morning, and then the whole day will not be exposed to direct sunlight, your skin will not be moist and sweaty, then in the evening it will retain its protective properties. The fact that the chemical substances contained in its composition, destroyed not only over time but also exposed to direct sunlight.

Tip apply sunscreen every two hours based on the fact that most people use it in small amounts. Ie if you put this product on the skin every two hours, it will be better and longer protected from sunlight.

And another tip. When you wash hands, sunscreen is washed off. So every time after you wash your hands re-apply. Always carry a small tube of this cream.

In the room also need sunscreen

Ultraviolet rays of daylight penetrating through the Windows. Even if you’re just in your car to go to work or to the store, the sun’s rays will have time to get on your skin. Even if only for a few minutes, but you have time. But for a few years these moments will turn into hours, which will lead to premature aging of the skin.

Sunscreen is applied for three to five minutes to make

Some women think that makeup (concealer, powder, blush) cannot be applied on sunscreen. Supposedly this reduces its protective properties. This is not so. Just need to follow simple guidelines:

– Use sunscreen for three to five minutes to make;

– Apply makeup a smooth downward motion, not front to back;

– Do not use too much makeup;

– BB or cream Foundation with sunscreen is a good solution. This is a great way to protect the skin on your face from the sunlight. Besides, this makeup will provide the skin moisture and nutrition;

Powder with sunscreen from the sun will not protect. Use it along with more effective protective tool.