What started NATO in Syria and what will be the consequences?

NATO Secretary General issued a statement in which it denied any intention of NATO to engage in military action against ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) in Syria and Iraq.

And the day after that there was another official statement is the antithesis. It reaffirms NATO’s decision to join the international coalition led by the USA, who claim that the coalition was created to fight ISIS.

One must remember that the international coalition led by the USA was created in the summer of 2014 after a few weeks ISIS has seriously expanded the territories under their control in Syria and Iraq. This territory occupies more than half of Iraq and Syria up to Iranian-Iraqi border. ISIS declares that it is in the process of creating an “Islamic Caliphate” on the territory of six Arab countries (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Kuwait). Therefore, the coalition headed by the United States joined most countries are members of NATO, including the UK, France and other countries.

Three years ago, the American coalition has not conducted active operations against ISIS, despite the implementation of air strikes on militant positions. On the contrary, the U.S. has repeatedly provided assistance to ISIS, in order to facilitate the task. In addition, US supplied weapons to the militants or attacked by the Syrian or Iraqi armies. This becomes clear after an analysis of American behaviour against ISIS. The United States intends to resume its military presence in Iraq and impose a military presence in Syria, and to establish military bases there, in order to designate its military presence on Syrian territory. The US created ISIS to use it in your plan, so they will continue to support this organization. They want everyone to go to their prescribed conditions.

Evaluating this year, we can say that the United States has reached some goals of its plan, in relation to the return of the military presence in Iraq, as well as for the introduction of its military contingent in Syria. In these countries today there are more than eight thousand soldiers, and the United States plan to increase their number in Iraq to 25 thousand, and in Syria up to 15 thousand. In addition, they plan to distribute them in major military bases located in areas controlled by the Democratic forces in Syria. With their help, the US plans to take control of Iraq and Syria from Deir ez-Zor and Abu Kamal in the middle of the Syrian-Iraqi border, to the Northern part of this border. This is done in order to keep the southern part of the border to Al-Tanfi for other local forces created by the United States, such as New Syrian army, serving as a “distraction” for the Arab and Western forces, as well as support for the Jordanian, British and American forces.

However, the US had some difficulties, which they did not expect. They are connected with the decision of Syrian government forces to move to the East in the direction of Badia to regain control over the Syrian-Iraqi border from Al-Tanfi to Abu Kamal. If the government forces achieved its goal, it will jeopardize the plans of the United States, about South of the border and could lead to the end of the domination of ISIS in Syria, which the United States will lose the excuse to stay in Syria. And this decision opens the way for the Syrian government to restore control over the Northern part of the border with Iraq, which is necessary to save Syria. The Syrian decision (to go to the Iraqi border) and its immediate implementation helped to achieve success through a deliberate strategy based on the “principle of elimination”. Thus, there have been significant military achievements in the Eastern suburbs of HOMS, the southern suburbs of Palmyra and the Eastern suburbs of Damascus. Also set the control over the Syrian section of the road Damascus-Baghdad, up to the base At-TANF.


The last time the US does not give rest to the achievements of the Syrian army and its allies. These military successes forced the US to act arrogantly and aggressively, including American airstrikes in Syria. The US continues to think about revising your plan and taking appropriate actions that could stop the Syrian breakthrough in the East. It seems that the US accepted these hasty decisions to carry out his plan, which we described earlier. This plan will be the latest American aggression in Syria before they will be forced to conduct negotiations leading to a political settlement of the Syrian crisis. Here are the steps taken by the United States:

— organized a deal between the leadership of the Syrian Democratic forces and the ISIL militants in raqqa. This allowed the fighters to leave the city and move towards Palmyra for repeated attempts to conquer the city. This transaction has already happened and the first column of ISIS militants left Raqqa under the supervision of the International coalition headed by the USA. The international coalition did not prevent the advance of terrorists on the South of the country, which once again confirms the falsity of the statements of the USA and the International coalition on the fight against ISIS. However, the Russian military aircraft was prevented by the advance of a column of terrorists, destroyed about a hundred fighters, as well as all vehicles of the convoy.

— involved NATO in Syria. The President of the United States Donald trump at the NATO summit in Brussels admitted the possibility of joining NATO to the International coalition headed by the USA, despite the fact that such a decision is contrary to article 5 of the NATO Charter on collective defense, which does not allow NATO to deal with the aggression outside of NATO countries. And Syria is not a member. This strategic concept was approved in 2010 and will be valid until 2020. It does not permit the Alliance to open new war fronts anywhere in the world, unless there is a serious threat directly to a member state of NATO. And now we will discuss NATO’s decision and its implications. And they consist in the following:

from a military point of view, we have not found any serious consequences of NATO involvement in Syria. Especially after NATO Secretary General said that the army of the Alliance will not participate in military operations in Syria. NATO’s contribution to combating the terrorist threat will be limited only to the air force. It should be mentioned here that the international coalition will take part in air operations. This means that nothing will change in this region and NATO’s presence in Syria will continue until they are capable of it.

— from a political point of view, the United States wanted to make NATO’s decision sent a threatening message to Syria and its allies that NATO, which combines the power of the 27 most powerful countries in the world, including three nuclear-weapon States will be able to impose their rules of the game. However, the Syrian response to this bullying did not have long to wait. Syria responded on two fronts: political and military. Political is that the Syrian foreign Ministry sent a letter to the UN calling for an end to the illegal actions of the us Alliance, confirming its ban on the presence of aircraft or any other vehicles owned by the Union on Syrian territory. And the military is a continuation of the movement of the Syrian army towards Eastern border of the state, not paying attention to the threat of American aggression.

— add here the position of the countries “Big seven”, most of whom are in the International coalition. At the meeting in Italy they came to two conclusions: 1) solve the Syrian crisis by political means necessary; 2) it is necessary to seek cooperation with Russia to find a political solution. All of this implies a greater involvement of NATO, but so far it’s just words.

In conclusion, we see that the maneuvers of the U.S. to maintain military aggression in Syria were defeated one after the other. And the involvement of NATO will not change the situation. And calls for the United States to combat terrorism do not override their responsibility for the “production” of global terrorism. The Syrians and the Iraqis, along with its allies know how to protect their land and to free her. In addition, the axis of the Resistance has liberated the land 17 years ago from the forces that took them. And now the land of Iraq and Syria will be liberated from all the invaders and terrorists who want to take possession of these lands through lies and deception.