Ukrainians can get cheaper tours in Montenegro

In the tourism market is maturing redistribution. This summer risk short of Russian tourists in Montenegro. The Federal tourism Agency has warned its citizens of “possible provocations and threats from the Montenegrin authorities” and called on the Agency to inform about the risks of their clients, writes UBR.

The cause of the conflict is political. Russian border guards have expelled the representative of Embassy of Montenegro in Moscow. The premise, according to experts, could be the commitment of Montenegro to join NATO.

The outflow of Russian tourists from the Montenegrin coast can spur the resumption of trips to Turkey. According to experts, this year Montenegro may not be counted every tenth Russian tourists.

“Montenegro will receive the outflow of Russian tourists due to the political and economic components. I believe it will not exceed 10%. Refuse to travel new tourists who haven’t been in Montenegro. Who went and appreciated, do not pay attention to any warnings, especially because of the precedent of the expulsions of Russians in this country is still not fixed,” — said the Director of the company-operator on the countries of the Adriatic region “Adria Hit” Vladimir Shvets.

Anyhow, in this situation it is unable to win Ukrainian travelers. In our market Montenegro remains quite popular direction. At the end of the summer season 2017, it will retain a place in the top five outbound tourism, experts predict.

“Montenegro is a popular destination: relatively inexpensive and great nature. Prices start from about 350 euros per week per person. Ukrainians in Montenegro and the rest in the private sector, and in luxury hotels,” — said the Director of Valanta Travel Agency Valery Kukharuk.

Plus — due to disagreements with Russia for Ukrainians Montenegrin coast might become more accessible. As noted we are a marketer of travel company “Sakums” Taras Kuziv, ground maintenance can be cheaper by about 5-10%. Although the expert notes that predict in advance the dynamics падениz prices in the rest is quite difficult. Will affect the overall demand for recreation in this country, the forthcoming introduction of a visa-free regime for Ukraine and so forth.

At the moment, the travelers are divided into two categories: those who already buys tours and ready to go, even if you need to open a visa, and those who took a wait, to make sure that a visa-free regime will work and/or tour prices will be reduced.

As the Ukrainian tour operators book a certain number of rooms in hotels and seats on Charter, increased demand may result in a shortage of permits.

“We assume that the outflow of Russian tourists from Montenegro this niche can fill Ukrainian vacationers, so if you lower prices, and will be, quite small,” added Kuziv.

To keep prices from falling may also increase in tourist arrivals to the Balkans, including Montenegro, from European tourists who pereorientirovanija with Turkish direction because of the threat of terrorist attacks, riots, etc.

Although Ukrainian tourists, Turkey still impresses by the price — it is also among the top five most popular destinations.

But tours, including to Italy, Spain, Greece, etc., despite the visa-free regime for Ukrainians this season, is still not cheap.

“The Europeans, refocused with Turkey, sapana.t hotels at breakneck speed. Knowing this, the Ukrainian tour operators rightly have chosen a balanced policy on the proposal. And with the introduction of bezveza is still not clear how tourists will pass on the borders of the EU. Therefore, a visa-free regime is not a panacea for the market”, — said Shvets.