The monster of ISIL in Afghanistan

The most bloody terrorist organization ISIL century (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) that emerged in Iraq and after he turned Iraq and Syria into a bloody mess, made wild acts of terrorism in many countries, including Turkey, this time wreaking terror in Afghanistan.

Since time immemorial we hear about the “coalition”, which involves almost 60 countries on various levels in order allegedly to fight with the terrorist organization ISIS, accurately with the seven-headed dragon, everywhere reveal their terrifying presence of bloody terrorist attacks… However, you do not need to be an expert to understand that the effectiveness of this “coalition” a disproportionate number of participating countries. If this “coalition” that allegedly support the 57 countries were present, the head of her huge America probably would not have to rely on another terrorist organization — the Party “Democratic Union” (PYD) / people’s protection Units (YPG), in order to be able to fight ISIS, isn’t it? I have the feeling that in the eyes of the world played a particular theatrical performance.


Just look at it! In the framework of the Mosul operation, around which some months lasted the hype, did not manage to strike a fatal blow to ISIS… For the attack on Raqqa, the center of the organization in Syria, the United States passed PYD / YPG hundred trucks loaded with weapons and ammunition. Meanwhile, Russia suddenly shelled positions of the same ISIS with cruise missiles launched from submarines. But what makes the seven-headed dragon, called ISIS, while all this is happening? This monster grown in a lab, makes a terrifying attack in another region, in Afghanistan, where for 40 years there was no lack of either in blood or in tears…

Soviet occupation, Taliban terrorism, “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), the occupation of USA and NATO. In Afghanistan, which since 1979, exhausted by foreign occupation, and ongoing civil wars, yesterday at least 100 people were killed, 350 injured… it is Very likely that the death toll may increase, and, unfortunately, this situation seems inevitable, given the scope of medical care in the current environment. Afghanistan is a country which has perhaps the world’s largest number of mines and where he lives most of the people because of this severed hands and feet… bad Luck of this country is that it has a strategic position and underground, on the ground of riches! But living where people can not use them. Natural gas, oil, metals, etc., etc. Yes, and a huge drug market that entice the appetite of global Market forces… in the hundreds of billions of dollars! Afghanistan is a very harsh region… Thanks to this characteristics of the local population was able to protect himself from the onslaught of the major powers. Usually it repulsed the attacks and occupation, although they paid a high price for it. Giant the Soviet Union bogged down in Afghanistan, as in the swamp, and soon collapsed. The first thing America did after the terrorist attacks of 11 September — the beginning of the occupation of Afghanistan. Then, under the pretext of combating terrorism drew back of NATO. Since then, continues to wallow in the mire. The daily killing dozens of Afghans. But the resistance continues. The major powers, which use the most modern weapons of the world, can not suppress the local forces. Moreover, despite the fact that local people are divided… a Dirty war and terror shattered Afghanistan, led to the deaths of millions of people. And it is not clear what the result of this situation.

Yesterday’s bloody attack occurred in a relatively safe area. Here are buildings of embassies and intelligence agencies… it was Reported that in the attack of a suicide bomber who blew up the tanker truck, Packed with explosives, were damaged even buildings that are located within a kilometer from the blast site. The Embassy of Turkey also suffered. Fortunately, no casualties. But for repairs, as stated by our Ministry of foreign Affairs, the Embassy staff would be evacuated. Afghanistan was once again shocked by the savage attack perpetrated, moreover, in the month of Ramadan, and hopes for the future went out again. The terrorist organization ISIS struck in Iraq and Syria, apparently, has chosen Afghanistan as his new base. Afghanistan, which is unknown, who is fighting for what is just what you need for such a terrorist organization… let God ease the suffering of people who live here, trying to live. Let the imperialist forces that created, nurtured these evil terrorist organizations and destroyed their innocent people don’t get a chance to implement their machinations and cunning plans, and all of them will turn against them. Unfortunately, in the face of the sad news that literally every day come from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, the Islamic world is in a hopeless situation. And what could be the intolerable despair?