The socialist leader has offered to hold trilateral talks Moldova with Russia and the EU

The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, during a visit to Brussels proposed that the European officials to hold trilateral talks with the participation of Russia. He stated this in an interview with DW.

“There is Russia, there is EU, we have a free trade agreement with one side or the other. Here Russia – the EU, they have some mutual sanctions, but because of this suffering we, as a small country. We pull one one way, one the other”, – said Igor Dodon.

He stressed that Chisinau is interested in how to renew the strategic partnership with Moscow, while maintaining good relations with Brussels.

At the same time the President of Moldova expressed the view that over the past few years its citizens have become less trusting of European integration, seeing that it does not improve their welfare. In this he partly blames former leadership of the country, and partly European officials, who, he said, supported the Chisinau based on geopolitical interests.

“Very often this help was geopolitical. That is, the Moldovan government is stealing the money, did not make any reforms, quality of life was falling, but these policies, which were covered with European values, European flags, blackmailed Brussels and the West: if you don’t help us, then the Russians come. Russian tanks, Putin, socialists, Igor Dodon. And because of this, they all these years gave money politically. The people saw it, and the credibility of the EU, European integration fall”, – said Igor Dodon.