Angela Merkel, Donald trump and the end of the West

The first visit of Donald trump to Europe was very awkward. Its impact was explosive. Speaking in Munich at a campaign rally shortly after the departure of the American President in Washington, Angela Merkel was close to announce the death of the Western Alliance.

The German Chancellor warned: “the Days when we could fully rely on the other seems to be over, and I felt that in the last days. We Europeans should really take our destiny into its own hands. Of course, we need friendly relations with the United States, with Britain and other neighbours, including Russia. But for the future we have to fight ourselves.”

The statements of Merkel quickly became a media sensation. Richard Haass (Richard Haass), who is the President of the Council on foreign relations (Council on Foreign Relations) and the Dean of the American foreign policy establishment, wrote on Twitter: “Merkel said that Europe cannot rely on others and must take things into their own hands. This is a turning point, which the US tried to avoid since the Second world war.”

Merkel saying Europe cannot rely on others & needs to take matters into its own hands is a watershed-& what US has sought to avoid since WW2

— Richard N. Haass (@RichardHaass) may 28, 2017

Very easy and quite appropriate to accuse the President of trump for this state of Affairs. But despite the careful wording, Merkel has behaved irresponsibly by making a statement that can extend a dangerous rupture in the Atlantic Alliance, turning it into a real abyss.

To make accusations against trump’s the easiest. His visit to Europe was a disaster. Speaking of NATO, the American President did not confirm the fidelity of the States article 5, which refers to the collective defense of the Alliance.

This was not an accidental omission. It was a clear signal that America’s commitment to the defense of Europe can no longer be taken for granted. And this, in turn, could embolden Russia, which in such conditions is able to take the risk and test the NATO defense strength.

At the summit “the Big seven” trump has been the only leader who did not support the Paris agreement on climate change. Now the media is constantly quoting him as saying that Germany is “bad, very bad”, as it is much sins, selling too many cars in the United States.

Faced with all these circumstances and the fact of exit of Britain from the EU, Merkel might think she’s simply stating the obvious, saying that Germany cannot count on its American and British allies. However, her speech was a vulgar mistake for at least five reasons.

Firstly, it is impossible after four months of presidency, trump can afford to doubt the transatlantic Alliance, which kept peace in Europe for 70 years. But such doubts may well arise. Equally possible that trump is an anomaly, and that soon he will lose his power.

Secondly, the American President was right in saying that most European countries do not fulfill their obligations in military spending within NATO. Of course, trump behaved in Europe is pretty rough. But he was right in saying that it’s wrong when the US accounts for almost 75% of NATO military spending. The same was said by the Minister of defence of the Obama administration Robert gates (Robert Gates). And given the fact that Germany is acting like a Freeloader, forcing the United States to pay for itself, to blame America in that it is an unreliable ally, it’s just the audacity.

Third, alluding to the fact that the Western Alliance today is bursting at the seams, Merkel exacerbates trump admitted mistake, when he has not spoken in support of article 5.

Both of these events encouraged the Russian government, which hoped to destroy the Western Alliance. And because of this, Europe’s security is threatened.

Fourth, Merkel has behaved unwisely and unfairly, thus bracketing Britain and America trump. During the discussions on the topic of climate change, Britain sided with the EU, not the USA. Similarly, the government Theresa may scrambles to emphasize the loyalty to Britain of NATO.

But if the Merkel government will continue to negotiate Bracito in a confrontational spirit, demanding from Britain a huge advance payment, before proceeding to discuss trade deals, it risks a self-fulfilling prophecy and create a long-lasting antagonism between Britain and the EU.

It is difficult to understand how the United Kingdom can simultaneously look at the same countries as enemies in the negotiations on Brexia, and as allies within NATO. Brakcet in fact may create doubts about the loyalty of Britain’s North Atlantic Treaty Organization, especially if the Western Alliance also disengage the United States.

And the last flaw in the approach of Merkel is that she has shown a remarkable deafness to the echoes of history. The greatest impression of modern Germany produces for the reason that it is more all the other countries think about the lessons of history, having learned them with great care and humility. Therefore, I am puzzled that the leader of this country, standing in Bavaria in the beer tent, announces the divorce from Britain and the United States, placing these countries on a par with Russia. Historical resonance have to be intimidating.

All this is not to say that Merkel is on the same moral and political level with the tramp. The American President has repeatedly demonstrated his contempt for the key Western values, starting with freedom of the press and the prohibition of torture, and to support democracies around the world.

In the result, some even spoke about what the German Chancellor is today the true leader of the Western world. But this title gave her prematurely. The sad reality is that Merkel is apparently not very interested in the fight to save the Western Alliance.