10 rules for a modern table etiquette, which we forget

How to behave at the table so no one could accuse you of ignorance:

1. To bite off or cut with a knife a piece of bread – a bad tone. It is necessary to break hands into small pieces over a plate, and then put in your mouth. If the table served scones first put one on a platter, and then start eating.

2. Just before eating the napkin you want to deploy, fold in two and put her on his lap. Leave it on the table or, even worse, to fill the collar in the form of bib – bad form. Dirty hands wipe the top of the swipe without lifting her from her knees. After finishing the meal do not try to roll it gently, trying to give the original look. Just fold it several times and put right of the plate.

3. Don’t worry if you see it near his plate a large Cutlery set. Act on a simple principle: begin a meal with devices that are furthest from the dish, because usually the meals are served in that order.

4. Keep glasses always for widening the upper part, and if you drink white or red wine – for the “waist” to the drink in the glass did not change its temperature.

5. The restaurant is not made to blow on the food if it is too hot. Wait until your dish has cooled.

6. Tablespoon for soup it is better to use “myself”, picking up as much food as could fit in my mouth at one time.

7. If you do not know how to use chopsticks – do not hesitate to ask for a fork. It’s not against the rules of decency.

8. Use a toothpick, to have your hair or makeup at the table is contraindicated.

9. The pizza was an example of that is the informal meals. If you are in a party or in the company of close friends – can take a piece hands. But the place where the dish serves devices – it is better to use them.

10. If you call, apologize to the congregation, get away to talk, if the question is urgent. In all other cases, tell the caller that you will call him later.