The more we learn about the relations with Russia, the worse it looks for all the Republicans

Associated with Russia, the scandal around the White house is an existential threat to the White house and — more broadly — for the Republican party. Recent sensational material published by The Washington Post, shows how irresponsible the Republicans were willing to give the party and the country the person experiencing an inexplicable love for the enemy of the United States.

The Washington Post writes: “a month before Donald trump was nominated from the Republican party, one of his closest allies in Congress — the majority leader in the House of representatives Kevin McCarthy (Kevin McCarthy) — in a private conversation with his colleagues among the leaders of the Republican party on Capitol hill has made a controversial and politically resonant statement about that trump may have been the recipient of the payments received from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“There are two people, I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and the tramp,” said the Republican from California McCarthy, from the record of June 15, 2016, which is listened to and the authenticity of which was confirmed by the representatives of the editorial Board of The Washington Post. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (Dana Rohrabacher), a Republican from California, known in Congress as a passionate defender of Putin and Russia.

Immediately intervened with the speaker of the house of representatives — a Republican from Wisconsin Paul Ryan (Paul Ryan). He interrupted the conversation, thus preventing the interviewees to delve deeper into the meaning of the statement McCarthy, and forced the Republicans present to swear in secrecy”.

By words a press-the Secretary of McCarthy, a statement by his chief like a bad joke, but the issue is not whether trump received rubles from the Kremlin. In this episode, McCarthy and his party present themselves, showing that they recognize the behavior of trump as a puppet of Vladimir Putin, and his own lack of seriousness in respect of the presidential candidate, who if elected would pose a threat to the national security of the United States. Carefree, flippant attitude to the potential threat to national security indicates a high degree of immaturity and irresponsibility — quality is quite surprising, if we talk about elected officials, especially those who occupy high leadership positions.


As it turned out, relations with Russia during the presidential campaign was, by some accounts, much deeper than imagined even by those Republicans and Democrats who supported the hashtag #NeverTrump (#Numenclature). Reuters writes:

“As told to Reuters, current and former U.S. officials familiar with the contents of that conversation, in the last seven months of the presidential campaign of 2016 Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn) and other advisors of the election headquarters of Donald trump had contact with Russian officials and other people with ties to the Kremlin, no less than 18 times. They talked on the phone and corresponded by e-mail.

Before hiding the contact whose information was obtained from a fragment, is investigating the FBI investigators and congressional Committees are investigating the interference of Russia in the U.S. presidential election and relations of the representatives of the electoral headquarters of the trump and Russia.

Six of the previously kept in secret contacts, the information on which the journalists Reuters said three current and former officials, was a telephone conversation between Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak and trump’s advisors — including the first Advisor to trump on national security Flynn”.

It negates the repeated assurances of the President, according to which any contact with the Russians during the campaign, no one was. According to many foreign policy experts, the number of contacts is impressive.

Edition of USA Today counted 20 instances when members of the administration or trump denied contacts with the Russians during the presidential campaign. Attorney General Jeff sessions (Jeff Sessions) denied any contact, giving testimony under oath during the hearing with the approval of his candidacy. In fact, it is at least two times and spoke with Kislyak. Because of his testimony that he changed the letter to Congress, he was forced to recuse himself, refused to participate in the investigation of the “Russian intervention”.

Considering how often Flynn and others allegedly communicated with Russian officials, a categorical denial from the President and his assistants indicates either a complete ignorance on actions of subordinates trump, or the ability to shamelessly over and over again to lie to the American people.

In addition, the scope of contacts and the number of negatives are for the President a substantial reason and motive for dismissal (with the assistance of his attorney General and other assistants), former Director of the FBI James Komi (James Comey), refused to stop the investigation, which, as persistently claimed trump represented an unwarranted attempt to deprive him of the presidency of legitimacy (today he came back on Twitter and wrote that he was the victim of a witch hunt).

Trump himself has created this mess, he is to blame for the unpleasant incident, which got. He hired the Pro-Putin advisers, continued to praise Russia throughout the election campaign, persistently (and falsely) stated that it has nothing to do with Russia (even his lawyer had to add a clarifying sentence — “few exceptions” with respect to its financial relations with Russia). He refused to disclose tax returns and recently opened Kislyak and Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, top-secret information. In addition, he took in his administration Flynn, which (as was known to the lawyers) at the time was under investigation for the reason that reported receiving money from Turkey. He was holding Flynn in the post and after he said that he lied to the Vice-President and other officials about his contacts with Russian officials (trump fired Flynn only after the Washington Post released information that Flynn lied).

With all this, neither the trump nor the officials and lawyers from his campaign headquarters nor the Republican party leadership has never put America first. This is a political mistake, which are at the core of it all, the paradox, which should be obvious to those who claimed that all this — a complete joke.