Pashinsky and shot the man gave cross-examination in the hospital

Prosecutors staged a people’s Deputy Sergey Pashinsky man Vyacheslav Chymicus, which he shot on New year’s eve, a confrontation in the hospital, where is now the victim, reports

It is noted that the interrogation took place right in the traumatology Department of the Kiev Metropolitan hospital. As the lawyer said Himikos Marina parinova, the interrogation, in addition to wounded men and the MP, there are a wife and a witness (the owner of the minibus).

She said that after questioning the witness of the incident, it became clear that its version matches with the words that he said Himikus.

We will remind, the victim stated that the politician violated the rules of handling weapons, and the bullet accidentally hit in the leg, not the torso, where methyl politician.

But the version of the wife of Himikos different, the lawyer said. Olga refused to say out loud the language, which, she claims, have heard that night from Pashinsky.

“The wife Pashinsky, she asked very politely asking to turn on the lights. In response to what she heard swearing, which was unable to convey in words, because it does not use such words in the lexicon, she wrote them on a piece of paper,” said parinova.

Earlier, the victim’s wife Olga has already told his version of what happened. The woman claimed that the MP has initiated clashes with the use of weapons.

Sergey Pashinsky after the incident told me that on New year’s eve he was attacked by a man in the incident in the forest and stabbed him with a bottle, to which the MP replied with a firearm.