How to determine whether the snoring is a symptom of a dangerous disease

“How without surveys to understand that snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea?” Maxim Berezhnoy.

Meets Yuri pohoretsky, sleep, head of the Ukrainian Association of sleep medicine:

You correctly say: it is not always the snoring is the consequence of sleep apnea. At the same time is not always sleep apnea accompanied by a “voice”. However, stop breathing during sleep there are at least every second Ukrainian, to be precise — more than 60% of the population. Alas, clearly confirm or deny your doubts can only be examined on sonography.

But there are indirect signs of apnea. Almost certainly there is a stop breathing during sleep, if a person dreams, which are in narrow spaces, trying to escape from his pursuers may not come up, is placed in a closed space. If these dreams are accompanied in the morning with tachycardia and headache, you Wake up in a depressed mood and drowsy, just really need to hurry to sleep. It can also indicate sleep apnea increased cholesterol and blood sugar.

Effects of short-term stop respiration General concern. Oxygen deprivation leads to disorders in the brain, causing a person’s reactions are slowed. And, for example, every third road accident is due to the fact that a person has inadequate sleep.

In addition, due to defective sleep is disturbed the production of somatotropin — a hormone which is responsible for processing fat into energy. As a result, in the future, the person gains weight, even sitting on the very strict diet. Conversely, the establishment of sleep accelerates the normalization of weight. Without naming name, I will say that one patient, only having a dream, lost 72 kg in a year!

The consequence of a defective sleep — the occurrence of cancer. Of course, a definite sign of equality between poor sleep and cancer can not be set. However, such a possibility exists. The fact that lack of sleep disrupts the harmonious working of the immune system. But it destroys defective cells that are produced daily and have absolutely all people.

The relationship of inferior sleep and the occurrence of cancer found in the experiment, researchers at the University of Chicago. They injected mice with tumor cells, and those of rodents, which scientists were woken up every two minutes, the tumor has grown Woe more.