Sudden call-up of reserve officers in Ukraine may not be

Deputy Minister of defense of Ukraine Oleg Shevchuk said that the armed forces General staff is still studying the possibility of declaring the call to service of reserve officers. He said this to journalists before a direct telephone line of Cabinet of Ministers.

“Currently, the General staff is studying this possibility,” – said Shevchuk, answering the question whether the announcement of conscription of reserve officers in the near future.

Earlier, the head of the General staff Viktor Murzenko said that in Ukraine announced the decision to call reserve officers who graduated from military departments of universities, however, did not serve in the army to solve the problem with the recruiting officers.

“Every year, these officer ranks get 9-10 thousand people. It is a powerful resource that should be used effectively”, – he said.

Muzhenko added that the reserve officers will be sent to the combat zone only after training.

Head of the legal service of the armed forces Maxim Kushnir explained that we are talking about a limited call for experts, and not on mobilization. “In this case we are talking about officers in primary positions in the units at the platoon level or company. Currently, the number of such posts is limited, we even theoretically can draw a smaller percentage of the total number of reserve officers. Therefore, those reserve officers who will be offered service at the call of, say, luck,” he said.