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White rage: the Face of hate


“Here, look. This scar on my cheek made me Hugin with his sharp beak when sitting on my shoulder. But in General he behaves well. It is so named in honor of one of the ravens ancient Norse God Odin. Hugin and Munin, you’ve heard of them? We rescued him from a house that was supposed to carry. I felt sorry for him, he was lying so small and lonely in his nest, so I took it home. He became like a family member and almost a year living with us. He is grown and he needs more space. I dream that we will soon have enough money to live in their own house, not in the apartment. Is our husband a common dream. Wish we had lots of animals, horses, pigs and chickens. My daughter wants that too, and, of course, a unicorn!”

Somewhere here in the jungle of Soviet-style grey residential buildings of mass building in one of the suburbs of Moscow, is the home of 27-year-old Inna the Bunina.

From the pipes of factories and power stations smoke. Along the way the old cars Lada sell wiper fluid. It’s another world compared to the Inna’s photos in Instagram, where she poses as a model for Russian clothing brand White Rex, sometimes, with their two children.

Inna was chosen specifically because it is “good, white value” of this brand clothes.

“Our daughter — is old Slavic name. Son we gave the name of the Russian pagan God of the sun. He was born in the summer, in Midsummer, it is a special day. I cut his hair, because the hair is the connection with the ancestors. I childhood in the nationalist movement. I was very influenced by my grandfather. In the war he fought in Stalingrad and Berlin, but at the same time was an anti-Semite. Every summer I went to it, we often walked through the woods and talking to each other. This is a natural effect of their ancestors. I write blogs about traditional family values. The woman is one of the forces of nature, mother and heir. Male warrior, who must be a lawyer. Perhaps homosexuality is normal for the West, but here in Russia, it is not very usual. I am against homosexuality because it is unnatural. Believe that the more children you have, the brighter the future. Children make me happy, happiness comes with motherhood”.

According to the traditional view, women, extreme right-wing persuasion play the usual stereotyped roles. They appear harmless and friendly and can thus thinly spread the ideology of right-wing extremism, says Alice Blum (Blum Alice), studying the new right in the University of applied Sciences of Frankfurt.

“Women are strongly associated with motherhood. To wear under the heart of a child and nurture it is the political thing to play their own people. Therefore, the threshold of political participation is not high. This makes right-wing extremism is attractive to some women,” says Blum.

News was the fact that women are beginning to play an increasingly prominent role in right-wing environment. This is a deliberate strategy, the researchers said.

In German neo-Nazi humanitarian organizations, women distribute food and clothing among the poor pensioners. In the Greek neo-Nazi organization “Golden dawn” women are actively involved in demonstrations and handing out leaflets.

In all countries girls actively use social networks. Pout and the deep cleavage they want to make right-wing extremism more sexually attractive.

“Ultimately, everything is the same here as in advertising. If you decorate your ideas a couple of pretty girls, public interest is growing. Sex helps to sell, same thing here,” explains Alice Blum.

Inna’s body is covered with tattoos. A represent right-wing extremist symbols, but there are many images of animals. The polar bear adorns the thigh, on the shoulder, a hawk, and one of the hands of the Fox.

“The polar bear is important to me, he is my totem. It symbolizes the gentle, sweet, warm and caring mother in the Arctic cold. Being a mother is a full day. A normal day starts at half past five in the morning. At this time children Wake up, come and start jumping on me, so you have to Wake up and get up. Then I take my daughter to kindergarten where she has Breakfast. Then my son come home and I cook him Breakfast. Because a little walk. At nine in the evening I put the kids to bed. Then cook, wash and clean. I love to read. Now I read “He/She: the book of magic of love” by Miguel Serrano (Miguel Serrano). He compares Hitler with the shaman. The book says that man and woman are one. I gave this book to her husband. He is a healthy Cossack with a beard. He has a stern look, but he’s not dangerous. He doesn’t like to come out ahead, because work for the state. It becomes difficult to maintain a relationship when you are the parent of young children. So we made a rule: always leave Saturday for love”.

Long blonde hair braided in a thick plait, skin white, almost like snow, now glistening blue eyes like the diamond earrings in her ears. From the bag she pulls out apples to children. Also, she carried two small cups of honey as a symbolic gift to the guests who came from afar.

“Eat a tablespoon every day. Be healthy, strong and vigorous. This knife was given to me by my husband. He taught me how to defend myself with this knife. Moscow is not the safest city in the world. There are so many migrants. But knife is also handy when you have to cut an Apple for children.”