The President of the United States without its details: “We love Israel”

When the President of the United States Donald trump on Monday at noon landed at the airport Ben Gurion in tel Aviv, the Israeli government has been waiting for him at the airport under the scorching sun, and the orchestra already tried all the entry. A difficult thing, but it was worth the wait. A little tired, but ready to smile trump out of the plane accompanied by his wife in angelic white suit, and then delivers unmatched words: “We love Israel”.

It is unclear who the “we” — he and Melania, he and the American people, or he is in the Royal plural. It doesn’t matter. It is clear that Donald trump, the President of the United States holds Israel hopes. At least one Israel which is behind right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu. Of course, over the past four months since the inauguration, there were several disappointments because trump promised a lot, but so far nothing has been done — for example, do not move the U.S. Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem. But here, no one to go will not. After all, trump visited Israel during his first foreign trip, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised this step during OOBE, calling it “truly historic.”

That’s why Netanyahu has deemed an acceptable comprehensive of gratitude that he showered his friend from Washington for “a strong speech” in Riyadh, “strong proof of the friendship with Israel,” and in General for the fact that he’s here. “Let the first trip in our region will be a historic milestone on the path to reconciliation and peace,” he said to Trump. Against the backdrop of the Paphos old President Reuven Rivlin was difficult to follow his speech. Besides, he had to contend with the wind, text to speech constantly strives to escape from his hands.

Trump was much better prepared the text securely in the folder. Strong winds were a concern because of the hair, but here it was in the order of tel Aviv, the hour of the day, the hair rests. What trump said the wind, in line with expectations: “we Have a rare opportunity to bring peace and security to this region and its peoples. We can only do this together.”

He wants to do it, he again said, at least publicly. But the fact that trump flew from Riyadh, can already be considered part of the message. As this is the first direct flight from Saudi Arabia to Israel, Netanyahu took the opportunity to confess that he too wanted one day to fly from tel Aviv to Riyadh. We are talking about a regional solution to middle East conflict, which involves not only Israel and the Palestinians, but also the Sunni States in the region.

The Prime Minister is doing everything possible to remain optimistic

The question of peace was at the center of all conversations, which were conducted by trump during his 28-hour stay in the Holy Land. From the airport he first flew in a helicopter for a meeting with President Rivlin in Jerusalem. In the afternoon much time was given to Netanyahu, including dinner. The next day, trump met in Bethlehem with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Prime Minister of Israel conveyed the message to him: “Israel extends a hand of reconciliation with all its neighbors, including the Palestinians.”

Netanyahu is doing everything to maintain an optimistic mood and not endanger the goodwill of the trump. However, on the same day, he will have to realize what is called “indestructible” friendship has its limits. They were evident when trump visited the Old city in Jerusalem in the second half of the day. The culmination of the hype, the whole area is cordoned off, has attracted more than 10 thousand employees of the security service. Trump first passes through the empty streets to the Holy Sepulchre, and then going to the wailing Wall, Shrine of Judaism.

He is the first incumbent President of the United States, which appeared here, and Netanyahu would like to accompany him. What would have made the photo! But the Americans refused his support, because, under international law, the Old city is occupied territory. So trump went alone to the weathered stone blocks, which once was the Western retaining wall of the temple. According to tradition, he left a small note in the cracks in the wall. Probably, the salvation must come from above.