Feature in the metro of Kiev and the world: no of toilets and shops at the stations, but with a new branch troieschyna (photo)

Kyiv authorities promised to build in three years two new metro stations on the green line — “the Avenue of Truth” and “Mostyska” for the Husbandman. All in all, the capital has three metro lines (52 stations). “Today” decided to find out, what novelties do you plan to implement in our subway, and what’s interesting is already in force in other metro in the world.

But unfortunately, you can compare our metro with other capitals can only be modest. For example, the London underground has 11 lines and 270 stations, subways new York — 24 lines and 468 stations, the subway of Paris has 16 lines and 303 stations, Shanghai metro has 14 lines (5 in construction) and 350 stations. However, Kyiv can boast of the station “Golden gate”, which was included in the list of 20 most beautiful stations in the world, Arsenalna which is the deepest in the world — 105,5 m.

“Metro-giants, managed by private companies, we, of course, still far away. There, in the subway, travel is very expensive. Private companies to attract passengers have invested heavily in the introduction of various new products. A Kiev metro is one of the cheapest fares in the world. We are no worse than the Metropolitan of Minsk and Budapest. Of course, we dream about the unmanned trains, interactive navigation at the stations and other interesting chips that are embedded in other metros in the world, but until then we are still very far” — says “Today” adviser to the head of KP “Kiev underground” Natalia Makogon.

We should not forget, Kyiv Metropolitan municipal enterprise, and its work, as well as the introduction of new technologies is directly dependent on the decisions of Kyiv city Council and various structures of KCSA.

“Now for the Kiev metro global reform and plan the construction of underground Grower and the beginning of works on the construction of the fourth metro line to troieschyna. In cooperation with the NGO “Agents for change” we have a new subway map and navigation, we have developed a system of information on monitors in subway cars. Implement a system for contactless fare collection and the end of the year want to refuse the tokens, to implement a single ticket,” adds Makogon.


Metro Seoul (South Korea) is replete with innovations. There’s subway has 9 lines and 311 stations. New technologies constantly introduce Koreans. Contactless payment for travel has long been the norm. In the halls of the stations there are convenient vending machines for travel. And not so long ago there was a novelty: a virtual shop on the platform of one of the stations. Flat product images depicted on the wall. There are their price and a QR code, scan that with your mobile, user can order products, pay for them and get the purchase on his arrival home. Local residents actively use novelty since I live in a mad rhythm of the metropolis, and time for shopping is not enough. In the Kiev subway say that about Seoul novelty heard.

“This investment project is a private product company. Accordingly, if the investor, we are ready to consider the option of installation of a store” — told us in the Metropolitan. However, in the Seoul subway features easier, for example, for the elderly, disabled and pregnant women selected there by spectacle, and they do not take passengers, even during rush hour.

Shop on the platform. On the phone order products.


In many cities of the world subway trains travel without drivers in the cab, such innovation introduced in the subways of Copenhagen, Nuremberg, Milan, Paris, London. But one of the best is a driverless metro in Dubai (opened was in 2009). Two metro lines in this city are exclusively above ground, on racks and fully automated, driverless then was originally there. The lack of cabin allows passengers the Dubai metro to admire the beautiful views and panoramas of the metropolis during the ride — they sit on the seats right at the windshield of the car. People see what previously could only see the person operating the train. However, in some metro drivers go only for the opening and closing of doors, and in case of emergency. These trains are in Barcelona, Beijing, Singapore. On autopilot trains and on one of the lines of the Saint Petersburg metro. In the Kiev subway is about such innovations only dream of.

“Trains without drivers don’t work in many subways in the world and require completely different technical equipment and, accordingly, a very large financial costs. But we would really like to convert our metro to such a level,” — said “Today” in the Metropolitan subway.

Without a driver. Passengers can admire the scenery.


In developed countries, the number of metro stations up to several hundred, and get lost in a subway can even indigenous inhabitants. In many metros has its own navigation scheme, but many of them are far from perfect. But in metro new York found 90 convenient kiosks at the stations. With their help passengers can make convenient route in the subway. The machines dispense information about the history of each station on the adjacent cafes, restaurants, museums, and government agencies. This is very useful for tourists and it would be necessary for Kiev, which in may will take the Eurovision song contest.

About the interactive maps in the Kiev subway is out of the question. Passengers are content pasted on the Windows of cars cards with the names of the stations. And in the metro recently updated the information on the monitors, which barely worked, and belong to private advertising companies. Now on the smaller side, they can see which station the train approaching (name in Ukrainian and English), plus transfers to other metro lines, airports, Central railway station, bus station, city train and light rail. In the near future will earn the monitors at the blue line, and later to green.

Interaktiv. Choose a route.


For the safety of passengers in subways, establish transparent fencing on platforms that don’t allow you to jump on rails suicide. Special doors-screens razbegayutsya only in the place where should open car doors for passengers. In the subway of Singapore doors-screens on the platforms function not only guards, but also prevent the leakage of cool air into the tunnel, maintaining a comfortable temperature on the platforms. And in the subway of Tokyo such fencing is installed along the platform height above the waist of a person of average height. That is, if a suicide bomber wants to jump, it will notice the security cameras. Also in the subway of the Russian city of St. Petersburg (considered the deepest in the world) began to establish such structures of glass. Alas, the Kiev subway is no money.

“The installation of such equipment is very expensive and not always justified. Glass railings are mostly used in Asian metropolises, where the train speed is much higher as is the rate of suicide attempts. Now we have an investment project, which foresees the installation of video surveillance at stations and in trains. We also encourage passengers to observe the rules of behavior in the subway,” — said in the Kyiv subway.

Tokyo Metro. The fence saves you from sudden suitsidnikov.

Saint-Petersburg. Install a glass fence.


Call toilet innovation in the metro language somehow does not turn — they are in many metros in the world. For example, in the vast underground of Paris, they are open to everyone, because the trip takes a long time, and people need to urinate. Open closets in the subway even try the subway in Russia. The Moscow metro station “Prospect Mira” two years ago launched a free toilet near the platform. However, he stood there for long, and allegedly violated health standards, it was dismantled, and the government white stone stated that it is better to equip the toilets in the underground passages near metro stations. In the capitals of the Eastern countries, Tokyo and Seoul, free toilets have been working in the subway, where they are constantly kept clean. In the Kiev subway say that, technically, to install toilets at the stations difficult.

“In very few metros in the world have such a service. In the context of Kiev in all parameters (safety, accessibility, project, costs) is much cheaper to build ground-based network closets In support of this project Kiev gave more than 10,000 votes, supporting a petition. And when you open them, you must solve the Kyiv city Council”, — told us in the metro.

The Seoul Subway. Toilet — here it is!


Struggling with mediocrity in the subway cars, in many countries they are decorated with funny pictures and portraits of local celebrities and pictures of animals. The Kiev metro is also gradually getting rid of dullness. “We spend a lot of social projects and to travel for passengers was not only fast and convenient, but also interesting. We have lines available 3 art-trains, as well as the car colors. Inside one of the trains placed colorful posters with quotes of famous people. At station Golden gate regularly hosts exhibitions. Big project thematic exhibition was at the station “Olympic”. At the station “Polytechnic Institute” and “Golden gate” works bookcrossing — people are exchanging books. When warmer, will again invite in a mini metro loft (the meeting of the discussion club) at station Dnipro”, — told us in the Kyiv metro.

Beijing. The car is decorated with paintings on the theme of history of China.

Amsterdam. The subway car is decorated with delicate underwater theme.

Chicago. Passengers equipped with an unusual wagon with wood.

Kiev. One of the three trains, which is painted on the outside.