Mei said the explosion Manchester horrifying attack

Prime Minister Theresa may said authorities are working to establish the details of the explosion in Manchester, which killed 19 people and injured dozens.

“We are working to obtain complete information about what the police said it was appalling terrorist act”, — quotes Reuters the words may.

“All our thoughts are with the victims and families of those affected”, she added.

Recall that the explosion occurred outside the concert venue, the stadium “Manchester arena” on Monday evening, may 22. In these moments ended with a concert of singer Ariana Grande, which was attended by several thousand people, including many children and adolescents. According to some reports, there were two explosions.

As a result, according to revised official figures, 19 people were killed, 59 were injured. According to doctors, they have wounds that are similar to caused by shrapnel injuries.

Police said he considers the incident as a “terrorist incident.”