George Soros, predicts the collapse of trump

George Soros (George Soros) lost money. A lot of money, even for such as he. Almost one billion dollars cost him the victory of Donald trump. Like many others in this field, the Manager of the investment Fund counted on the chaos in the financial markets and the depreciation in case of unpredictable investment tycoon will win the race for the White house.


Instead, punters were celebrating trump and enthusiastically bought the shares because I was hoping with trump on lower taxes and strong market the program. Shares of Dow Jones increased to the present day, almost ten percent.


But despite billions of dollars in losses, Soros remains unconvinced. At the world economic forum in Davos, he made by far the gloomy forecast. Trump is the adventurers who would like to become a dictator.


Sooner or later the players, according to Soros, will Wake up and will cause a collapse in the markets. For trump lose with their policies. “Uncertainty is at the highest level, and uncertainty is the enemy of investment,” Soros said in Davos. “Punters are still celebrating the victory of Donald trump, but someday reality will prevail”.

The world is exposed to a number of risks


86-year-old financier is considered, despite its recent losses, the most successful investor in the world. As a child, he, Hungarian by origin, was forced to flee from the Nazis and from nothing made the state almost $ 25 billion. Today, he is among the 30 richest people in the world.

Now he sees a number of risks threatening the world. So, Soros admits that President trump would unleash a trade war with China. And trade wars can quickly arise in a real war.


He believes that Europe, too, will face hard times. After the vote of the British over Bracito the continent is already experiencing a test of strength, and these corrosive forces have become even stronger as the result of the election trump. “If Europe falls apart, the consequences will be dramatic. The old world is moving in the wrong direction.”


The European Union has simply become too complex and unpredictable for humans. “People are experiencing alienation and anti-EU parties increase their influence”.

Not the first gloomy scenario Soros


This is not the first time Soros is in Davos gloomy scenario. Last year he was counting on a crash in China. Really, began the sale, but the government in Beijing took action and made change. Now he sees China more powerful in the result of the election of Donald trump. The Communist party, according to him, skillfully enter into new alliances and trade agreements. “China is at a crossroads between open and closed society,” said Soros. But today, his words don’t sound too optimistic.


This year, however, Soros isn’t the only superinvestor configured pessimistic. The furore caused the recognition of ray Dalio (Ray Dalio) of Bridgewater. “I fear populism”. For against this phenomenon too difficult to fight. In contrast to the classical economic or financial crisis no Central banks, he believes, will not be able to save the world through intervention. At the world economic forum universal uncertainty prevails.


Bill Browder (Bill Browder), founder of investment Fund Hermitage Capital, for 21 years arrives in Davos: “the first time absolutely no one knows in what direction will go development”. In a sense, all staring into the abyss.