Amid the confusion, trump, many are beginning to look at Mike Pence

President Pence?

For Republicans, shocked by the daily stream of depressing revelations about President trump, the possibility that Vice-President Mike Pence (Mike Pence) will take on the powers of Donald trump, if he suddenly leaves his post, unlikely.

But for Democrats, whisper transmit in the corridors of the Capitol the first rumors of impeachment, the main target in recent days has become unobtrusive, modest and decorous Vice — President- the prospective successor increasingly exposed to attacks of the President, whom they want to denigrate.

“It’s time to talk about Mike Pence wrote in a statement Thursday the circular of the Director of the press service of the liberal political organization American Bridge, Emily Aden (Aden Emily). — Pens are also involved in this scandal as any other Republican in Washington, and despite all his attempts not to attract attention and to remain in the shadows, he must anticipate that the country will call him to account”.

This week, the Pens once again acted as a key player willing participant or about anything not an expert witness in cases that followed the news that presidential adviser for national security, Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn) a few weeks before the inauguration of the trump informed the White house about the ongoing against him investigation. It was associated with the mystery of Flynn’s paid work as a lobbyist for the interests of Turkey during the election campaign in the United States.

Pence at that time was led by a transitional team of the elected President. However, his advisers said Thursday that he now claims what he said in March that about Flynn’s ties with Turkey, he learned only at the moment.

For the third time Penny was forced to answer for public statements on behalf of the administration trump and later turned false.

In a television interview in January, Pence argued that Flynn did not discuss the sanctions with the Russian Ambassador, and later learned that Flynn lied to him about this conversation. It is a violation and became the official reason trump explained the dismissal of the adviser. It was later revealed that Trump and senior White house officials were well aware that Flynn is hiding the truth, but Penny found out about it only a few weeks.

Last week, the Pens have faithfully repeated the White house statement explaining the reason why trump suddenly fired the FBI Director James Komi (James Comey). He told the group gathered in the Capitol reporters that the reason for this step was the recommendation of Deputy Prosecutor General kind of Rosenstein (Rod Rosenstein) given to the President due to the fact that the Komi Republic has violated an order of a legal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of personal email servers. But the next day the President stated that he always wanted to fire the Komi Republic, and that appealed to Rosenstein only after the decision was made.

Despite these conflicting statements, some conservative critics of trump have already begun to openly speculate about the possibility that Penny will be his successor.

“The Republicans, instinctively defending trump, who himself is to blame for their problems, this President is not needed when there is a Mike Pence waiting in the wings,” he wrote Wednesday at his conservative blog the Resurgent Erick Erickson (Erick Erickson).

Pens at the mention of this offended, say those who heard how he reacts to these rumors. And the GOP congressmen seek to thwart all attempts to bring this issue for discussion — especially after Wednesday, Rosenstein appointed a special Prosecutor to investigate the alleged collusion of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump with Moscow to influence the election.

“I’m not even going to listen to this and believe it all, said on Thursday the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan (Paul Ryan), a Republican from Wisconsin, responding to a reporter’s question about his colleagues who privately consider the possibility of the presidency of the Pens. — It makes no sense to even comment this.”

And yet it is quite possible that the Vice-President himself gave the reason for the rumors, when this week filed paperwork to create a PAC — rather unusual for the Vice President step.

The Pens played the role of loyal soldier and envoy, steadfastly performing their daily duties, consisting, inter alia, in reading the speeches, Donald trump activists, lobbyists and legislators. “It’s okay,” he says, demonstrating the optimism of the administration’s plans for health reform and the tax system.

“Whatever has focused Washington’s attention in any particular moment, to be sure, President Donald trump will never cease to deal with the issues which are of paramount importance for the American people. Such as good jobs, safe streets and endless future of America,” said Pence, speaking Thursday before senior officials and lobbyists at the meeting of the investment summit in the chamber of Commerce of the United States.

And a block from the White house Donald trump used a completely different tack, saying the group leading the news that the appointment of a special Prosecutor to investigate possible collusion of his election headquarters with Russia “causes great harm to our country.” Shortly thereafter, during a press conference in the East room, where Penny was sitting in the front row — trump said that the investigation is “witch hunt” and that between him and Russia, “there was no conspiracy”. However, he immediately added: “I can speak for myself.”

Mike Pence recently it rarely does so. His staff say that he will now be very busy speaking schedule and travel, during which he will promote the legislative agenda of the President. Including on issues such as health care, tax reform and the President’s draft budget, which will be presented, while trump will be abroad, making his first trip abroad. According to assistant Vice-President, for four days, starting Thursday, Pence is scheduled for seven performances.

This is a real practical and stabilising role, as expected the Republicans, Mike Pence is going to play for the President, who has no political experience, no legislative experience and expressing open contempt for the details of this work. But given that the trump is increasingly engaged in scandals that Mike Pence has repeatedly finds himself in this regard in a difficult situation, it is a role he is due to his position may not be able to play effectively.

“Republicans are counting on the fact that the Pens will be next that Pens may be our coordinator, a liaison that Pens can help promote your agenda. That is, he made a big bet as the guarantor of the implementation of the agenda and the guarantor of stability, says former senior adviser to President Barack Obama David Axelrod (David Axelrod). And all this, of course, crossed when it breaks the Comedy, saying: “no One ever told me. I do not know about this””.

“It’s hard to play the role of the Prime Minister and nothing knowledgeable person simultaneously,” he said.