“It would be surprising if the FSB had dirt on trump” – Aslund

The U.S. Congress may extend the program of assistance for Ukraine and strengthen its military components. Comments about this “Segodnya” said Swedish economist, senior researcher at the Atlantic Council Anders Aslund.

“As in the case of sanctions against Russia, which Congress may introduce special legislation if they are canceled trump, Congress may expand the program of U.S. aid for Ukraine and strengthen its military components,” – said Aslund.

According to him, the policy of the trump in Russia will be more likely to influence his Advisor on national security, Mike Flynn.

“The initial impression is that policy towards Russia trump and Flynn will stand against Tillerson (candidate for the position of Secretary Rex Tillerson – Ed.) and Mattis (candidate for the position of head of the Pentagon James Mattis – Ed.). Initially, trump and Flynn are likely to dominate”, – the expert believes.

As for compromising FSB trump, who “poured” into the network and denied its authenticity, according to Aslund “considering how Russian intelligence works and lifestyle of trump, it would be surprising if the FSB had no serious incriminating evidence against the tramp”.

Recall, the US accuses Russia of hacking and interfering in the presidential election. Also in the United States to discuss the possible relationship of the tramp with Russia, including the alleged existence of compromising it. Trump himself denied that Russia allegedly has enough dirt on him.