Scientists have named the three main secret of longevity

The secret of longevity lies not only in nutrition, but also other factors affecting how the human body gets old.

New York psychiatrist Julia Samton analyzed the results of various studies scientists on the theme of a happy old age and increasing life expectancy, and came to the conclusion that the most strong influence on longevity is having a healthy diet, regular exercise and optimistic attitude to life, reports “New time”.

Thus, the research results allowed to establish that life expectancy is affected by nutrition. In particular, it was found that the Mediterranean diet increases life expectancy and improves the cardiovascular system and positively influences the neurological health.

In addition, one study also found that the Mediterranean diet, based on fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and poultry, whole grains, legumes and olive oil, a positive effect on human health in the age of “70”, improving memory and the ability to rationally and to think clearly.

At the same time, Julia Samton insists that in addition to diet, among the key factors of longevity and a happy old age also – regular physical activity and taking care of your mental health, meditation, and optimism.

“As hard as it sometimes was to remain optimistic, maintaining a positive attitude is scientifically proven health benefits, including longevity,” she says.

While Julia cites the evidence of the results of the study, which lasted 23 years and made it possible to establish that those who look to the future with optimism, in old age rarely suffer sickness longer remain physically active and have higher levels of happiness in comparison with those who is pessimistic.