Obama is ready to work as interim President while trump is a psychiatric examination

Washington — amid concerns about the suitability of Donald trump for President, former President Barack Obama on Tuesday announced that it is ready to work “interim President” while trump will undergo a psychiatric examination.

“This is only a temporary measure, Obama said to reporters. — Once the psychiatrists will determine that Donald trump is mentally stable and fit to work as the most powerful official in the world, I step aside”.

Obama said it would be “logical decision” to elect him to the post of “interim President”, as he spent eight years in the White house. “Let’s start with what I know, there is light”, he said.

According to Obama, if it will make a temporary President, he day by day will support the work of the White house: “Well, that is, to veto bills, appoint Supreme court judges and all that stuff”.

On the question of how he imagines working relationship with Vice-President Mike Pence, Obama replied: “I think Mike recently worked at wear, he really deserved a vacation. Joe Biden said that he will sit with her for a while.”