SCO: Improving anti-terrorist capabilities and deepening cooperation in the security sphere

The 17th summit of heads of member States of the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO) was held in the Kazakh capital Astana on 8-9 of June. With the development of the international situation, the whole world is threatened by terrorism, so terrorism needs to be closer international cooperation. Cooperation in the security sphere was certainly one of the important points of the summit.

On 7 June the Chinese President, XI Jinping, published in the Kazakh newspaper Kazakhstanskaya Pravda article under the headline “Fly on the wings of a dream, the Sino-Kazakhstan relationship,” in which he wrote that the SCO attaches special importance to cooperation in the field of security. Established a cooperation mechanism for the fight against the three evil forces, drug trafficking and transboundary organized crime, regularly held joint anti-terrorist exercises, efforts are under way to resolve the situation in hot spots, which allowed to effectively protect the security and stability in the region.

The fight against the “three evil forces” — terrorism, separatism and extremism — is a primary goal and a key area of the SCO’s work. For all time of its existence, the SCO has proved to be highly effective in the protection and guarantee of peace, security and stability in the region. The security and stability of the region contributes to the development of the initiative “One belt, one road”.

XI Jinping pointed out that we must deepen cooperation in the field of security, to implement joint sustainable security concept, to legal means to fight the “three evil forces”, drug trafficking and transboundary organized crime, together to protect network security. To accelerate the construction of the bilateral safeguard mechanism security initiative “One belt, one road” to guarantee the safety of oil and gas pipelines and large objects of cooperation, the legitimate rights and interests of citizens and businesses, to protect the lives and property of the people of all countries.

In the current international situation, the anti-terrorist situation every day becomes more complex and serious. The need for security for each country and region is becoming more urgent. Each country is committed to closer international cooperation in the fight against terrorism. As “wheels” for the SCO’s development and secure collaboration was a challenge and a key issue at this summit.

Assistant foreign Minister of China Li Hualai at a briefing on 5 June said that the summit in Astana, Chinese President XI Jinping with other leaders of the member States of the SCO will sign and publish the “Astana Declaration”, will make the information communiqué of the summit, signed the “Convention on the fight against extremism, the SCO” and other documents. Since the establishment until now, the regional anti-terrorist structure of the SCO in Tashkent has made great strides in the system and practical cooperation. Each member received the results in the fight against “three evil forces”. The cooperative sector is expanding in the areas of security, law and information, prohibition of drugs, the fight against transnational organized crime, which hinders the spread of terrorism.

At this summit, part of the SCO were adopted new members. Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Igor Morgulov noted that the accession of India and Pakistan increases the ability of fight against international terrorism the SCO. SCO is important for sharing data and experience on terrorism among the members, increases the level of precaution and resolution of acts of terrorism. Singaporean newspaper “lianhe Zaobao,” said that the participation of India and Pakistan will allow SCO to better deploy anti-terrorism cooperation through joint use of available information, etc.