America needs to stop treating Putin as a supervillain



In this increasingly distorted clicks of the computer world, we not only suffer from the syndrome of disorders of trump, but by the syndrome of disorders of Putin. Russia is seen not only as a world power, vying for influence, and as a rival to the West, but as the villain. And this is the critical difference.

The transformation of international politics into a morality play, the play is filled with moral content, more conducive to the dimming sense than to clarify it, and also forces people to make mistakes. This does not mean that States should pursue only real-politics, and I believe in values-oriented foreign policy. However, value-focused international policy must be based on accurate and dispassionate assessment of the real situation and not be guided by the ideas of Manichaeism.

Let’s clarify some things. It is true that Russia, in General, has a pernicious influence in the world of politics. Putin’s Russia is trying to regain its former great power status of the Soviet Union and seeks to do so by weakening the institutions that are critical for the well-being of the world. Putin’s Russia does not play by the rules that usually follow Western countries. For example, it uses propaganda and hacker attacks in an attempt to influence the outcome of elections around the world (although, to be honest, the intervention of countries in the internal Affairs of each other is not something new).

Vladimir Putin is Lionel Messi of international politics. This man is on the floor longer world other world leaders, and he plays the game extremely well. Putin is not just conducting policy from a position of strength, he tries on the basis of only one strong-willed efforts to create an ideological alternative to Western liberal democracy that someone might call the populist-traditionalist and authoritarian caudillismo.

We should all be aware of this.

But here’s the thing: the best answer to Putin would not attempt to do the opposite of what he says, or try to counter him at every turn. Instead we should assess each particular situation and to deal with it using relevant methods.

Take, for example, what is happening in Syria. No matter how repugnant was not you I of there actions of Putin, the situation is that today Russia holds in his hands most of the cards in this country and that some version of the Assad regime is the only probable alternative to the Islamist dictatorship. Perhaps at the beginning of the war, some ramificatia moderate forces could be assembled together in order to govern the country some vague ethical way, but Assad and Putin (and Iran) destroyed all these guys (or they were radicalized of disgust) and this is what remains: Assad, al-Qaeda and “Islamic state” (banned in Russia organization — Prim ed.). The train has left.

In addition, increasingly bold Russian cyber attacks on Western institutions should end. President Obama has consistently refused to force Putin to pay for his attack, and as a result, the intensity of its attacks has only increased. Russia must pay for its cyberwar a high enough price in order to keep her from further action in this area. Putin’s power depends, in part, from his clique of oligarchs, and, therefore, the provision of financial pressure on its allies, and they will personally make him realize that his to self-aggrandizing stunts only hurt them. Think it’s a pretty smart move.

Interference in the Affairs of NATO and the threat to NATO has decisively suppressed, and thus it is necessary to understand that the Western Alliance still exists — both in Eastern Europe and elsewhere. Let’s have more demonstrations of power in Eastern Europe. Let’s put more troops and defensive weapons in the Baltic States. Let’s teach these countries to respond not only to the unconventional situation, but also to the threat of “indefinite war”, as in the case of Ukraine and Crimea, in order to prevent any such actions. With “Putinism” can and must be fought, however, you need to deal with it, showing the superiority of liberal democracy and the rule of law over the reign of the imperious leader. Yes, Mit Romney (Mitt Romney) rehabilitated, because Russia is a geopolitical enemy of America number one.

However, too many Washington hawks among Democrats and Republicans suffer from the syndrome of disorders of Putin, under the influence of which they forget about making international policy from a position of strength, and want to start anti-Russian crusade. A reasonable way to deal with Russia is not to look at her as an enemy, but to look at each individual region in each individual case and evaluate them on the merits. It’s hard to Express in a slogan, but the reality is: sometimes to counteract Russia is a good idea, and sometimes not. Let’s take this into account.