Providers will not be punished for access to forbidden Russian social networks – MPs

Members of different factions and Deputy groups support the decision of the President and the national security Council to impose sanctions and deny Ukraine access to the Russian software products and social networks.

“Unfortunately, the Kremlin is waging war not only on the front line. In this hybrid war is information component. This is another step to protect our information space from the influence of the aggressor, “–said the head of the BPP Arthur Gerasimov.

The opinion of Arthur Gerasimov shared by Deputy head of the faction of the NF Andrew Teteruk. According to him, it should have been done three years ago.

However, colleagues in the coalition have warned that technically prohibit the use of “Yandex”, “Vkontakte”, “Classmates” and other Russian software products and social networks will be extremely difficult – today there are no laws that would regulate.

“From my point of view, it has long had to do. The only global problem is the technical implementation. From published statements by several representatives of Internet associations, which say this is technically impossible. Although, as I understand it, it is technically possible to do. And I think the main question here will be an act of sabotage by ISPs that try to do everything themselves dependent, in order to reduce the possibilities of the implementation of that decision. Here the only question is how the state can firmly and sharply to restore order in this matter,” – said the “Today” people’s Deputy from BPP Vadim Denisenko.

According to the Deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on freedom of speech and information policy, MP from NF Sergey Vysotsky, the presidential decree applies only to government agencies. “With regard to the practical implementation of this decree, as for me, here there are difficulties. The presidential decree and the decision of the Council binding on government agencies of Ukraine, ministries, agencies , etc. to Direct rules that a natural or legal person must obey the decrees of the President or decisions of the Council, unfortunately, no. As I talked to experts, they say that if a provider does not block access to “Vkontakte” or “Classmates” or “Yandex”, etc., then technically no reason to punish him for it no. Maybe there will be some bylaws that will regulate. May be the decision of the Cabinet, and the President’s initiative, the hall of the Verkhovna Rada”, – told reporters on the sidelines of the Parliament, Sergei Vysotsky.

On the question of “Today” are any legislative changes that would provide for the punishment of the providers, his Committee, the MP said that while such initiatives, they have not been.

At the same time, in an interview with “Today,” the adviser to the interior Minister Zorian Shkiryak said that the question of the adoption of additional regulations that would provide for the liability of providers for failure to comply with the decree of the President and decisions of the Council, has already been discussed.

“It was discussed for several months and there is a very, in my opinion, a good experience. I have a feeling that this will be sustained and the decree of the President, which I strongly welcome and consider it historical. This is a real step in the fight against information terror against Ukraine. Only in a social network “Vkontakte” we have recorded about 3 thousand groups anti-Ukrainian direction. Many of them are under “Patriotic rhetoric”, – said Zorian Shkiryak.

Recall President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko enacted the decision of the Council of national security and defense, which implied a ban on Russian Internet sites and services, including “” (, social networks “Vkontakte” ( and “Classmates” (, as well as a number of the services portal of the Russian and other Russian resources.