Volkswagen will pay compensation to drivers

Carmaker Volkswagen will pay $ 1.2 billion compensation in the United States to fix defects in the software of their vehicles. The corresponding decision was approved by the us Federal court.

Volkswagen will eliminate the defect in the software of the car, which was the understatement of the indicators, or to pay their owners cash compensation.

The decision applies to owners of more than 88 thousand vehicles with a diesel engine capacity of 3 liters. For cars of 2009-2012 model years, the amount of compensation ranges from 7.8 thousand to $ 13.9 thousand dollars. For vehicles later time the amount of compensation increased to 16.1 thousand.

Overall, Volkswagen will have to pay about $ 25 billion in order to settle the scandal arising from violations of environmental standards in the United States.

Recall that in September of 2015 broke out, “deselect” – the scandal of fraud in VW. In the car group with diesel engines found software that allowed you to manipulate emissions data. Because of the numerous lawsuits and fines the company lost billions of dollars.