The “battle” of the British cats: Palmerston Vs Larry

Cat Palmerston from the Ministry of foreign Affairs of great Britain again came close to the residence of the British Prime Minister at 10 Downing street, is home to the chief Mouser of the country cat, Larry.

This is not the first attack on Palmerston possession Larry: shortly after Brakcet, in July of 2016, cats quarreled and Larry even injured paw.

A few days later, the staff of 10 Downing street had to expel from the residence of Prime Minister Palmerston, made his way back through the open door.

Note that Larry lives in the residence of the Prime Minister in 2011, but Palmerston was “employee” of the diplomatic service in 2016.

While in Britain have repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the “work” of Larry. The last time he was in the public eye in March 2017, when he released a mouse caught free. The example he repeatedly put the cat Palmerston, who is alleged to have destroyed “dozens” of mice.