Ukraine will change the prices of vegetables

In recent years in our country actively rose in price vegetables. But experts believe that due to the revival of import of separate kinds of production and increase the supply of early vegetables will begin a gradual rollback of prices and then a significant decline. For some items this is already happening, writes UBR.

According to analysts, “Economic discussion club”, the value of the pot of Ukrainian borscht with a volume of 3,5 – 4 l has risen since the beginning of the year by 13.14 UAH (19.5%) and in April reached UAH 80,69, and borscht without meat — by 6.41 UAH (39.6%), to 21.64 UAH. The cheapest set of potatoes and vegetables for soup might be bought in Ternopil region — UAH at 11.37, the most expensive — in the Donetsk region — UAH 16,69.

As the Deputy head of the Agrarian party of Ukraine, expert in the field of agrarian business Denis Marchuk, the cost of potatoes from 5 UAH jumped in April to 6-7 UAH/kg. And at times reached 8 UAH/kg, Carrots came to UAH 12/kg.

“If in February, the onions were sold at RS 3.5/kg, now at least 5 UAH/kg. Cabbage 6 UAH/kg increased in price to UAH 11-12/kg. we do not Have sufficient storage, but because already in the middle of winter many things have to be imported to meet the demand,” — said Marchuk.

According to him, in the middle of spring usually occurs the maximum deficit of a quality product. However, in may, according to the Agency “info-SHUVAR”, the price of “scarce” position vegetables began to decline by 10 to 20%. One of the main reasons for the subsidence of cost — the increase in imports. Ukrainian importers responded to the April rise in prices of vegetables borsch set and began to import the product from neighboring countries.

According to the head of the analytical Department of the AAA company Maria Kolesnik, the vegetables are sourced mainly from the Netherlands and Poland. The most interesting items to import turned out to be potatoes and carrots. That is what exists today as the most notable price reduction. Thus, according to the “info SHUVAR”, today the largest wholesale areas of the country potatoes are offered at a price of 5.5 to 6.5 UAH/ kg, which is 20% lower than at the end of April.

“When the potato has risen in price to 6 to 7 UAH/kg, the villagers were put on the market their stocks of seed potatoes (the smaller ones, do not have marketable) for the price of 4 – 5 UAH/kg, and thus slowed down the growth of prices. But the quality of the potatoes is still small, and it is expensive”, — said the expert on fruit and vegetable market of Eastern Europe Tatiana Getman.

Carrot prices compared to the end of April, fell by an average of 10 – 15%. Today on the wholesale markets it serves for 8 – 11 UAH/kg. the highest price for washed carrots imported from Poland and Holland. The growing range of non-conforming carrot, sometimes you can even buy 5-6 UAH/kg.

Retains its value only cabbage. However, according to Tatyana Getman, now in the market you can find a young cabbage for 12 – 15 UAH/kg in farms. “Of course, the consumer in such circumstances will try to buy a young Kale than last year,” said Getman. So, cabbages the old crop at least will not go up.

Onion prices also have not changed significantly, except that the increased supply of low quality products, for which sellers in the wholesale markets are asking for 3.5-4 UAH/kg. Quality products farm give, 5-6 UAH/kg.

Beet — and so the cheapest vegetable in Ukraine. It is sold in bulk for 2 – 3 UAH/kg, which is almost twice cheaper than a year ago.

The Turkish factor

Recently, Russia and Turkey have agreed to withdraw the trade restrictions on the supply of Turkish agricultural products to the Russian Federation all positions, with the exception of tomatoes, which limits some more time will be saved. Russia imposed a ban on the import of a whole list of agricultural products from Turkey as from 1 January 2016 at the background of aggravation of political relations.

It would seem that the ability to sell on the Russian market may reduce Turkish imports to Ukraine, which in turn would support the increase in prices of domestic vegetables.

“Now, from Turkey to Ukrainian market are mostly tomatoes, which the lifting of the ban has not spread, and therefore the situation in the fruit and vegetable market of Ukraine will not change significantly. Traditional vegetables are usually more expensive at the end of the season. Now they will rapidly oust Ukrainian products of the new harvest,” — said Maria Kolesnik.

Of course, the new crop will cost initially more expensive. For example, there are already early potatoes for 35 – 40 UAH/kg, But increasing supplies from greenhouses prices for early vegetables are approaching the value “old”.

“In addition to tomatoes Ukraine imports of onions and cabbage, however, their share in 2016, was less than 0.5%, and lettuce (16%), eggplant (38%) and peppers (41%). The largest share of Turkish imports in cucumber — 8.9 thousand tons or 98% of the total volume of deliveries”, — told in the analytical Department of Pro-Consulting.

Since all these vegetables are seasonal, and in the coming months, will gradually be replaced by products from Ukraine, a serious rise in price is not expected. Moreover, as was expected, Turkish tomatoes, not having sales in Russia, will be delivered on our market, undercutting the prices.

“Faster will be cheaper Ukrainian tomatoes, through the supply from Turkey. If in may 2016 the Turkish tomatoes in large volumes was in Eastern Europe, but this year they may be partially reoriented to Ukraine. Competition between our tomato and Turkish will be tougher. Season delayed and prices are now about 1.5 times higher than last year,” said Getman.

According to Denis Marchuk, the prices have gone down. If the Easter tomatoes cost about 65 – 70 UAH/kg, now can be found at 35 – 55 UAH/kg.

“We are talking about the whole country, not just the capital, where prices are higher. For consumers, this is good. The emergence of imports will reduce prices for our greenhouse tomatoes, which appeared on the market,” said Denis Marchuk.

Further, the cost of vegetables will not grow. Already went to the new crop, and this product will be more. Therefore, vegetable consumption of the old crop will fall after the price decrease on early vegetables.

“Ukrainian vegetables are getting more expensive before the first harvest. Vegetables borsch set to appear on the market within one to two months. Until they can grow in price by no more than 10%, after a reduction in price. The main factor affecting the price of vegetables is seasonal. In addition, there is a risk of crop failure, however, as at the beginning of may the major prerequisites for this phenomenon was not”, — told in the company Pro-Consulting.