A thousand thanks from Egypt, the leader of North Korea

We must commend the leader of North Korea, which, like a mountain, resisted America, stood up on his knees before her, but rather threatened to launch a nuclear strike on it and its colonies in Asia, especially in Japan and South Korea.

American ships changed their position and took such positions to intimidate North Korea. As soon as the leader of North Korea is responsible for these actions rocket tests and demonstration of military force, threats instantly ceased. If the Americans are attacking a country, you immediately see “red eyes” of the leader of North Korea, its people and army, and immediately begin to retreat and sue for peace. Moreover, Donald trump has asked to meet with Kim Jong Inom. All these facts speaks of the defeat of the US President, about his worship, subjection and dependence on, the leader of North Korea, as well as the desire to reach agreement and peace with this great leader.

I would really like to have all the Arab leaders were heroes, able to answer all the requirements of the United States, as well as those who can threaten America and to persuade her on her knees in front of them and not to bow before her. I’m sorry, but in the Arab countries… Arab colonies, the American troops met the President. A few days ago, Israel began to strike at the International airport of Damascus. However, no Arab ruler did not condemn the aggression against Syria, and such silence will mark the approval and blessing of Israel in its strikes on the Syrian Arab Republic. Arab rulers can’t even condemn the American aggression against Syria. Moreover, some of them for over 6 years waging a war against Syria due to the fact that you cannot, finally, “to rise from knees”. For two years they’re fighting in Yemen, because Yemenis raised the slogans “death to America”.


Most of the Arab rulers is tails of America. In addition, they allow France, America and Israel to deploy military bases in their territories, and give them the opportunity to RAID the Arab countries. Moreover, they gave their seas and rivers at the disposal of America and Israel. The strangest fact is that the Arab rulers in the Security Council voted in favor of Israel, which occupied Arab territory.

A few days ago, North Korea threatened Israel to respond to his actions. Arab leaders have underestimated the seriousness of, and the Wahhabis (meaning Saudi Arabia — approx. ed.) that honors and respects Israel, devilishly laughed and called for the destruction of North Korea, that threatens America and Israel.

When will the day come when the Arab rulers will be the same as the leader of North Korea? Give me the answer.