As Hitler and the Nazis took his place in pop culture

The Nazis turned into superprotonic from the comics and movies. Sometimes they appear in a funny way, sometimes devilish, but always excite the imagination of the audience. The characters in Nazi uniforms appeared in thousands of films from classics like the movie “where eagles nest” and “the Remagen bridge” to “Operation “Valkyrie””, “inglorious bastards”, “Captain America” “Hellboy” and “Iron sky”.

Still live people with tattoos from the concentration camps and other witnesses German atrocities, but the entertainment industry has managed to turn the Nazis into monsters from Halloween. So we have a Nazi werewolves, Nazi zombies and vampires or a Nazi-sadomazohistki in tight-fitting clothes. For Nazi symbols and images turned punk Sid Vicious, drawn Marilyn Manson, it draws inspiration for his fantasies some activists of the LGBT movement.

Despite the Nazi use of gadgets in pop culture is associated with certain risks. Have experienced in recent times girls Japanese group Keyakizaka46 put on a Christmas concert Nazi officer’s cap. In the Western press raised a wave of indignation and concern Sony had to apologize for the incident. Meanwhile the glorification of Nazism to see it difficult. Keyakizaka46 — ordinary music group, where delicate girls singing about sweet things and focus more on choreography and hairstyles than any ideology. They and their managers felt cap with a German eagle just an accessory, like horns or cat ears.

A similar incident with Nazi symbols, which received publicity in the media occurred recently at one of the schools of Taiwan. Children from one class who took part in the festival of cultures, dressed up as a SS and even made cardboard tanks. Such a representation could cause some shock to the Europeans, and in Germany’s case would have immediately engaged the Federal protection service of the Constitution, but East Asians are not faced with Nazi crimes, and the Third Reich are not always gives them a negative Association. For Japan it was a military ally, a good relationship (at least before 1940) supported him with China. German officers to train Chinese troops, and served in the Wehrmacht Jiang Vago is the adopted son of Chiang Kai-shek. During the Nanjing massacre in 1937, the Chinese civilians from the Japanese army was saved by a German businessman and NSDAP member John Rabe (John Rabe). Good relations were the Nazis and Tibet, where they sent a scientific expedition in 1942. Friend and mentor at the same time the Dalai Lama was the SS man Heinrich Harrer (Heinrich Harrer), the history of which is shown in the movie “Seven years in Tibet”.

The Dalai Lama also became friends with Miguel Serrano (Miguel del Carmen Serrano Fernandez) is a Chilean diplomat and one of the main representatives of the so-called esoteric Nazism (Serrano claimed that in 1945 Hitler escaped to Antarctica, and from there to the legendary Buddhist land of Shangri-La, which in the end times he will return as the Messiah).

Historical baggage and poor knowledge of the history of Europe contribute to the tolerant attitude of the Asians to Nazism in pop culture. Dining with Nazi symbols in the interior can be found in South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and India. Sometimes the image of Hitler curiously used in advertising. For example, one Thai restaurant portrayed the leader of the Third Reich in the image of Colonel Sanders from KFC. However, Thailand is a country that is particularly strong surrendered the pop-cultural watermania. April 20, 2015 on the birthday of Hitler a descendant of the king of Thailand Rama V Ronghua Kitiyakara wrote on his page on Facebook: “Hitler was a true genius and a patriot. Thanks to him, everything in Germany was better.” Admiration for Nazi dictator speak for other members of Asian elites. “Hitler killed three million Jews. We have in the Philippines — three million drug addicts. I’ll be happy to destroy them. Germany has had at least Hitler, and the Philippines have I,” said a few months ago, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte (Rodrigo Duterte).

If Asian world of sympathy for Nazism — it’s mostly pop-culture fashion, and at times the manifestation of the longing for a strong state in the Muslim world you can find many such examples, when Hitler’s love for his crimes. Before the Second world war, German propaganda distributed in the middle East and North Africa, showed Hitler in the image of a leader who confronts colonial powers and wants to rid the world of their dictatorship. The reports that he’s going after the Jews, only strengthened the sympathies of the Arabs to Nazism. After 1945, many Nazi criminals found work in the security services, the armed forces and propaganda machine of the socialist Arab dictatorships. Of these Nazi advisers worked for the national security Agency and successfully convinced the Arabs that between German national socialism, the communism of the Soviet Union or the GDR and the Arab national socialism there are no big differences. This propaganda fell on fertile soil. The socialist leader of Egypt, Anwar Sadat did not see, for example, it is inappropriate to wear to a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem begin tie with a pattern of swastikas.

Sympathy for Hitler were accompanied by the members of the race that the Nazis despised: black. Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe at the time sported a “Hitler” mustache, and one of his companions (by the way, who studied in Warsaw) proudly wore the nickname “Hitler”. Gold medalist of the Olympics in Berlin, African-American Jesse Owens (Jesse Owens) said that in Nazi Germany it feels better than in the southern United States. German sports journalist, Misner Siegfried (Siegfried Mischner) many years later told how Owens was showing off his picture with Hitler. “Hitler unlike President Roosevelt, I was not ignored” — allegedly said the athlete.

But before we blame the Asians, Arabs, Indians or Africans who are fascinated by Hitler, you should look around and note how many white liberals and leftists mindlessly wear t-shirts with the portrait of the founder of the Cuban Gulag, Che Guevara, or the Chinese dictator Mao, who is guilty for the death of 90 million people.