In new York “Russian artist” naked climbed in a transparent box

In new York cultural event in the Metropolitan Museum of art was marked by an unusual case – a man who called himself a “Russian artist”, he locked himself naked in a small glass box on public display, according to RIA Novosti-Ukraine with reference to the newspaper the New York Daily.

It is reported that daredevil was a Fedor Pavlov. Aides brought him already “Packed” in a glass box “in the costume of Adam” on the red carpet in front of the Museum, which were invited to the cultural event stars.

Police immediately responded to the violation of public order, however, was not able to immediately remove it from the box, as he refused to leave. Finally, the use of force, “Russian artist” has pulled out of the drawer, covering him with a white cloth.

The publication reports that Pavlov charged with violation of public order, illegally crossing the cordoned area and resisting police.

According to the newspaper, Pavlov no less than five times did one of these scandalous installations, most recently last year in Sao Paulo.