What awaits the Arab East

My dear Arab readers how you see a situation on the Arab arena?

The developments and the changes in our time watching the world and the Arab world in particular have been extremely dangerous to the Arab nation and the Islamic Ummah. The reason — colonial aspirations from America and other countries in the Arab world, which Western countries already conduct training, mobilize armies, kindle military conflicts and waging an information war. They are consistently pursuing their colonial policy, applying the principle of “divide and rule” to the Arab world, its peoples and the peoples of other Muslim countries.

Western countries and America was able to implant anger and disgust, were able to sow the seeds of hatred that give rise to conflicts and disputes within each Arab country and its people in various ways at all levels: family, tribe, religious community, political party, ethnic group.. This list goes on. In particular, the result of incitement to hatred in some countries of the Arab world became of the revolution of the “Jewish” spring. The revolution a “Jewish” at its core, because all the threads of the conspiracy against the Arab national regimes in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, and before that in Iraq are the Americans and the Zionists, and all those who support them. Everything that happens in the Arab world in recent time is the “Jewish revolution” that serve the interests of Israel, America and Western countries, but not the interests of the Arab peoples. The result of these revolutions are destruction and killing, and with them the moral destruction of the Arab peoples. The war continues, with them continuing destruction and murder, and Israel and America continue to fuel this revolution, fueling their fire. America has become to wage war using their own troops in Libya, Yemen, Syria, before imposing war on Iraq, invading and colonized it.

The infamous revolution is not an Arab, but a Jewish revolution-American-Saudi-Wahhabi-terrorist, they are a crime against humanity. Those who had been sowing discord and stoking the fire are hired agents of America and Israel. They are the traitors of their homeland, their Arab Muslim people and they will remain in any era and in any place. A true Arab revolution has always opposed foreign occupation, colonization and the presence of foreign forces in the Arab world.

Currently the Arab world is experiencing a frenetic clashes and bloody struggle, in which one can see the snake heads of Saudi Arabia, America and Israel.

Saudi Arabia is the mother of disasters and misfortunes. It created conflicts, nurtured confusion and lit the flame of war in every Arab and Muslim country.

Her story has become black from the blood of innocent Arab peoples in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan…

Instead of working to unite the Arab Islamic nation, Saudi Arabia began to sow discord among the Arab countries, to wage wars and support terrorist groups. Down with Saudi Arabia and al-Saud, the stooges of America and Israel, enemies of the Arab and Islamic nation.

At the moment everything remains the same. The US and Israel spreading its influence, while continuing to dominate in the Arab world and to regulate all its processes. And is not far off the announcement of the creation of the chief of the Israeli state, which would stretch from the Nile to the Euphrates, if the population of the Arab countries will not Wake up from his deep sleep.